Thursday, March 02, 2006

Loose your language

I had a Interview with my boss last week, his review all competency of me since almost 10 month joined his team. The result is good, even is not reach to the limit. Score is 100 from 120. He said is good started,

He promoted me to doing another step of project management, after last year I had attend project management training. This time is PM level 2, and he also suggest to attend English writing course together with PM 2.... Wazegid, gubrak.....

Since I am learning French, even I can't write in French for the my English language are decrease piece by piece, others people are thinking like that including him, some one told me my English know really like French man are talked in English, hmm so how I am suppose to do ..?? Forget French language and keep speaking English even on the street, or find course English for French..
I was thingking of because English is not my mother tongue or maybe may English not good enough... may be next time I should work overseas in English speaking language so it will be increase absolutely!!!!

please comment, in any language


  1. Ojo bingung Mas Adjie. Sinawu sing kerep wae.

    Hayo lho, ngerti gak pakai bahasa Jawa? O iya Mas Adjie, bisa Bahasa Perancis dulu atau baru bisa Bahasa Perancis pas sampai di Perancis?

  2. Weh nek nganggo bahasa jawi, kulo niki ngertos,

    sebelum ke France ngga bisa bahasa France, sampai di France juga ngga bisa-bisa banget, paling kalau buat komunikasi yang simple2 aja sich OK lah, tapi grammarnya lebih sulit dari Inggris

  3. Wadezig. Dia ngerti bahasa Jawa lagi. Ow, jadi kita gak perlu mikir harus bisa bahasa apa dulu ya Mas Adjie?

    Sing penting wis tekan ning negara asing ndhisik yo