Friday, November 18, 2005

On vacation !!!!

sejak beberapa hari ini Paris dingin sekali, siang tadi sempet sampai -1 derajat celcius, buat aku ini sangat luar biasa, dan pengalaman baru. Hari minggu ini di prediksi akan sampai foggy mungkin akan ada salju di paris, will see is gonna be fun, fortunetly I am not here for a while.

well aku preparing something buat vacation today, I will fly again for 14 hours and distance from Paris around 11.000KM, I will flight tonigth at 23.15 PM Paris time, I am very happy to take this vacation after work some month without long vacation, see kids, wife and family and friends.

I hope will gonna be fun and joyed with friends...... I miss sate kambing bu yanti di perdatam..... sate kambing dan sop betawi di tebet,Nasi goreng pinggir jalan, tahu dan tempe goreng, ikan bakar, sate kikil, nasi uduk, gudeg, ketupat & lontong sayur, Nasi Padang pinggir got, teh botol............

well hope I can keep post about my vacation... a bientot

Friday, November 11, 2005

12 Ways To Handle Emotions Like A Man At Work

By Edward Chalmers

We've all witnessed men who have lost control of their emotions at work, slamming doors, yelling at coworkers or customers, and saying things they'll soon regret. We've seen men who've thrown tantrums at meetings because they've been overruled, their idea has been shot down or someone else has taken credit for their work.

As kids, we were taught to "act like a man" and suppress our feelings, and yet many of our coworkers are committing career suicide by losing control of their emotions at work.

How can we maintain our professionalism and handle emotions like a man? Here are some tips.

1- Take a walk to cool down

During a meeting, when someone insults your management style or criticizes the department you lead, don't react in anger. Remove yourself from the situation as soon as you feel yourself getting hot under the collar. Fake a page or another call to extricate yourself from a non-productive telephone call so you can step outside to calm yourself. Giving yourself time to cool down will help you regain control of your emotions.

2- Ask for clarification before reacting
Stall for time by asking questions. Is your boss asking what time you arrived because he's challenging your integrity or is he trying to start a conversation about the traffic jam on the off-ramp? If need be, repeat what the other person just said. This ensures you understand the comment and gives your colleague or client the opportunity to clarify any miscommunication.

3- Apply the 10-second rule
Ensure you're not overreacting. If you feel your temper flaring on the phone or in a meeting, count to 10 to keep you from losing your cool. Analyze the facts before going on a rant or becoming defensive.

4- Talk to someone who can calm you down

Always have someone to confide in, inside and outside of the office, about your frustrations. Go for a beer together on a regular basis to vent. You cannot keep all your feelings inside, or your health will suffer. Acknowledge and express your emotions appropriately with a close friend, and be prepared to listen whenever he's ready to explode, and both of your careers will benefit.

5- Work out to work off your anger
Don't blow your professional image by letting others see you freak out, pound the desk or scream. Go to the gym instead. Working out will help you release those pent-up emotions.

6- Recognize what ticks you off
Be alert to the types of situations that knock you off-center. If you don't like questions interrupting your presentation, plan how you'll handle any hecklers. Planning a positive way to react will help you defuse your anger before it throws you off. If you know you have a perfectionist, learn how to deal with it so it doesn't hurt your professional image.

Learn how to read your colleagues, and tell yourself to stay calm...

7- Understand your colleagues
Read your colleagues' signals. What initially seems to be a snide comment might be a feeble attempt at humor. By getting to know your coworkers' characters and personalities, you won't be blind-sided when they do or say something that irritates you.

8- Anticipate other people's reactions

When you're proposing a radical new work process or time schedule, you can be fairly certain your employees' first thoughts won't be about the cost savings and increased productivity. Focus on the personal benefits they will experience and you'll keep your own frustration in check. If your boss is constantly critical, anticipate his reactions to problems and proposals, and have persuasive arguments ready to get him on your side.

9- Prepare yourself to stay calm

Anticipate any objections or questions you might face when you're making a presentation, especially ones that might put you in a bad light. Create a backup plan if there's a technical glitch in case your PowerPoint presentation freezes on you. Before going into your Performance Review meeting, have some accomplishments ready to offset any negative feedback, so you don't respond in anger.

10- Wait before writing a strongly worded e-mail
Never disrespect others, even if you're right. It's easy to let contempt, fury or resentment cloud our judgment. Hold that strongly worded business e-mail or letter until the next day and reread it. Ask someone else to proofread any correspondence you think might be surly, condescending or rude.

11- Let go of your anger at the end of each day
Get into the habit of letting go of your anger as you leave work every day. Otherwise it could fester and make you more likely to blow your cool. Focus on doing something you enjoy once you leave the office, whether it's hanging out with friends or watching the game on TV, and leave the stress and emotion behind.

12- Apologize for any emotional outbursts

Despite your best intentions, if you end up erupting in a meeting, criticize a colleague's work or make ill-timed comments that you regret, how can you backpedal without losing face? Apologize immediately to the targeted person and to everyone around who may have heard. You don't need to offer a long-winded explanation of the pressures you were under, the background on the misunderstanding or the reasons you thought you were right. Saying "I reacted badly and I am sorry" will demonstrate your professionalism, integrity and leadership skills.

act like a man and move on

Strong leaders with strong characters will have strong feelings. That doesn't mean you should allow your emotions to control you, cloud your judgment and cause career missteps.

Recognizing the signs that you're getting angry will help you get over it quickly, without anyone noticing. Replacing your negative emotions with self-confidence and maintaining a healthy balance in your life will help you deal with difficult moments. No matter what, don't snap. It takes years to build up a reputation, and only seconds to destroy it.


Thursday, November 10, 2005


Today starting with meeting about product from other partner, it was make a bit bored since last week full meeting day, so even today presentation was interesting but I have to leave because another meeting are waiting.

in fact during the meeting I am doing something as ussualy, replying some email, wow almost 11.00 am as I told you have to attend another meeting, out from the meeting room went out to big hall in the building, bit suprise that I saw many face same as me, anyway i tried to close with te group and say hello, gotcha they speak the same language, and I saw one of collagues from the same company as me, just realized that all the biggest telecommunication bigboss are come o visit Paris,

It's an opportunities to discuss with bapak Dirjen Kopmindo and Pak Garuda Sudargo, CEO of PT. Telkom.... and some of director of PT. Telkom ans staff, I am pretty sure if in our country it will not easily to meet this person, without protocoller and very warm as Indonesiene attitude.
we are discussing about 10 minutes, and I said I have to go for another meeting and also was invited with big boss for meeting too, for your infor that there is no benefit of me about this but I just feel happy that this opportunities come me. to meet this kind people that I couldn't be easily when I am in my country. Thanks God is giving this chance to live out of my country, to learn something about technology, knowlegde, culture, and relation.

oh ya they are come to France for inaguration of new sattelitte for our country will delivered very soon from France to space.........

Space is the limit........ bon chance !!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ada apa dengan France

Ini sudah hari ke 12 kerusuhan di Sekitar Paris, tepatnya di suburb Paris. Hari Presiden Jacques Chirac, mengumkan jam malam di beberapa tempat di luar Paris dimana terjadi banyak kerusuhan. Kerusuhan terparah dan berawal dari ST Denis, ngga jauh dari Paris. Mudah mudahan sich ngga sampai masuk ke Paris, walaupun beberpa hari yang lalu udah ada rang yang bakar Mobil di daerah Republique.

aku sempet ngobrol-ngobrol sama temen2 disini koq kenapa sich bisa terjadi hal kayak gini, mereka bilang itu adalah orang stupid yang membakar sekolah adik adik mereka, bakar mobil tetangga mereka bahkan rumah atau apartment mereka sendiri mereka bakar.... woowww sebodoh itukah mereka,......

kalau di liat dari tempat dimana terjadi banyak kerusuhan kebanyakan memang di daerah dimana banyak orang Africa dan arab keturunan, tapi mereka semua warna negara perancis, bukan imigrant gelap yang selama ini aku sangka, tapi pemerintah perancis sendiri mengakui ini bukan di gerakan oleh moslem garis keras atau gimana, cuman kebetulan aja orang arab ini mengaku beragama moslem, tapi sebagain yang Franco-Afrique juga beragama non moslem ada, terus kalau bukan masalah agama terus masalah apa donk......???

ngobrol-2 ternyata disini diskriminasi masih tetap ada, kenapa masih ada, ada banyak temen bilang ( saya ngga punya bukti otentik) bahwa kebanyakan mereka yang ngga happy alias yang bakar-bakar ini job less, mereka butuh kerja, sudah lama memang banyak pengguran di sini dan lapangan pekerjaan cukup sedikit yang terbuka, lalu di mana diskriminasinya, gini ada teman yang kebetulan expat dari Netherland yang cerita kalau selama dia disini banyak terima surat lamaran, tapi selalu ngga ada Photo, empty address, bahkan nama, cuman di tulis Monsieur XXX atau Madame YYY, kenapa sich ada banyak orang yang kirim kayak gini, si belanda ini penasaran, setalah di cari tahu kebanyakan orang yang kirim lamaran ini tahu kalau di photonya sudah ada tampang hitam putih atau arab, udah pasti ngga bakal di panggil, terus kalau ngga ada photo dan namanya udah nama arab idem ditto, atau kalau tinggal di distrik dimana banyak komunitas afrique dan arab sama aja. makanya dari pada di tolak di awal banyak orang yang melakukan ini, dan ngga sedikit dari mereka yang punya diploma, yang mereka harapkan di telpon aja udah bagus.

terus teman yang bilang emang sich jumlah lowongan pekerjaan yang tersedia sangat sedikit sekali, jadi kebanyakan perusahaan lebih memetingkan yang berkulit putih lebih dahulu walaupun sama sama parler Francais, aku ngga tahu ini temenku bener atau ngga.

memang terlihat sudah beberapa tahun ini banyak perushaan perancis yang menyerap banyak tenaga kerja sudah merelokasi perushaan ke Romania, Chine, atau India, karena biaya produksi disini sangat mahal seiring dengan sangat kuatnya euro terhadap dollar, jadi product - productnya juga harganya ngga kompetitif lag terpaksa lah pindah ke negara lain yang lebih kompetitif, jadi boleh di bilang banyak orang perancis yang ngga happy dengan imigran karena mereka ambil pekerjaan mereka, mereka juga ngga happy dengan China, India , romania gara-2 investor banyak lari kesana dan mereka kehilangan pekerjaan.

temen disini yang kebetulan keturunan arab, pernah bikin joke kayak gini.

banyak orang perancis yang ngga happy karena banyak imigrant yang datang ke sini mengambil roti kami, kata sekumpulan orang perancis ke pada parlemen.

iya jadi roti kami sekarang berkurang karena kami harus berbagi dengan mereka para imgran kata yang lain.

akhirnya para pemimpin parlemen melakukan rapat, dan di setujui untuk mengirim para imigrant ini kembali ke negara asal-nya.

wal hasil sukseslah mereka mempulangkan para imigran ini, mereke happy karena pada akhirny ngga ada lagi yang akan mengambil roti mereka.

semua bersuka cita, bahwa pada akhirnya mereka akan mendapatkan kembali roti yang seharusnya memang untuk mereka.

di tengah kegembiran dan pesta pora, seseorang berkata, celaka...... kita kita bisa akan makan roti....... yang lain berkata lho kenapa kan sekarang tidak ada lagi imigran yang akan ambil roti kita... jangan kuatir roti akan mencukupi buat semua.....

orang tadi berkata, memang benar... kita pulangkan semua imigran, tapi sadarkah anda kita telah memulangkan pembuat roti kita, jadi kalau para imigran ini pergi siapa yang akan membuat roti untuk kita ............

Ya semoga pemerintah disini bisa bijaksana dalam mengambil langkah langkah yang terbaik buat semua, jangan sampai kejadian ini meluas ke mana-mana semoga tragedi mei 1998 di Jakarta ngga terulang disini, masak jauh-jauh ke negri orang koq ketemu dengan kerusuhan lagi sich, semoga semua cepat bisa selesai.......

Thursday, November 03, 2005

selamat hari raya iedulfitri

Taqaballahu minna Wa minkum Wa syiyamana Wa syiyamakum Minal Aidin wal fa''idzin
qullu amin bikhair, Taqabal Ya Kariim,

sedihnya ngga bisa kumpul bareng dengan keluarga, tapi inilah hidup, dalam hidup kita tidak bisa selalu mendapat apa yang sempurna buat kita, bersyukurlah Allah masih memberikan kita karunia dan rahmat serta nikmat sehat, keimanan. adalah segalanya. maafkan ngga bisa pulang kampung dan berlebaran bersama, Insya Allah I will be there soon.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Language is the key ...???

I would like to tell about the story for last trip in shanghai, bit lazzy two write it down about shanghai, for me not really much intersting because all the week is very busy with the work just hotel office, office hotel.

Finaly after strugle in China the mission done with great succesfull and have full support from collagues in France, even very tired I am happy. In the last day we have a good dinner with Chinesse team in one restaurant in down town of Pudong, Shanghai.

In the last day, I went to Fake market in Shanghai with Rama and his wife it was amazing you can find anything here and all is the fake one, from BVLGARI, Gucci, Luis Vitton, all the branded one are here and you could bargain the price, Luckyly Rama's wife can speak chinesse, she is doing study mandarin in one of university in Shanghai, and during the free time she is also doing tourist guide, it's amazing if she is not went out, I am sure I will be lost because taxi driver can't speak english, they only can say "yes", "no" without sure understood what we are saying. is more worse than in French for me, I have always asked to concierge to translate to chinesse character if I would like go somewhere. I learn something essential in China, "if you understand a local languages, you will never lose even you are in the himalaya mountain". Ya language is very important, this is a key to know everything. this is a key to open the door to broaden your life.