Sunday, October 30, 2005

Arriver A paris

Direct flight from Pudong,Shanghai airport it take about 12 hours, just arrive this morning at 5.55 at Charles de Gaulle Airport , arrived in apartment at 6.15 am very tired, will telling you letter on about all story in Shanghai... I have to sleep

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Shanghai: Something to discover

I am still in shanghai today, it was very busy since monday but today realized that the big job have been done, Shanghai and France are connected for 3G call, I will tell you about some story once come back to Paris, everything is interesting and you have to discover a new things...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kaos kaki & Shanghai, Sweet memory

Lagi siap-siap buat trip ke Shangai nanti malam, masukin pakain ke dalam koper check satu persatu, akhirnya terakhir adalah kaos kaki, hmmm aku jadi inget beberapa bulan lalu aku beli kaos kaki ini di Carefour Cempaka Mas, Khansa yang maksa aku ambil kaos kaki itu, padahal aku ngga gitu suka dengan warnanya nya sudah terlalu banyak biru, tapi dia maksa, aku tanya, "kenapa Harus kaos kaki ini, Sha" , dia senyum sambil bilang pokoknya Papa harus pake kaos kaki ini, sambil tersenyum kegirangan karena aku mengalah dan memasukan kaos kaki itu ke dalam keranjang.

waktu terus berlalu, dan aku kembali ingat saat masukin kaos kaki ini hmmm gambar shanghai dan aku akan kesana sebentar lagi, ngga ada relevansi yang penting dari cerita ini, hanya kesan yang amat mendalam terhadap Khansa, dan sikap aku yang berusaha menerima sesuatu yang mungkin kadang kita ngga suka just to be respect to her, aku harus menerimanya just to make her happy,
but I am happy too to go there and because of that I remember a sweet think in my life.

I try to call her, but she is not available, mamanya bilang lagi shalat Taraweh, thanks God was sent me an angel for my life.

Friday, October 21, 2005


A storm may rage in the world below,
It may tear great trees apart;
But here on the mountain top, I know
That it cannot touch my heart.

I have struggled up through the lightning's glare,
I have walked where the cliffs fell sheer
To a gorge below, but I breathed a prayer,
And my soul passed doubt and fear!

Here on the mountain top the air
Is clear as a silver song;
And the sun is warm on my unbound hair;

What though the way was steep and bleak,
And what though the road was hard?
I stand at last on the mountain peak,
With my eyes upraised to God!

A storm may sweep through the world below,
It may rend great rocks apart;
But here on the crest of the world I know
That it cannot touch my heart.

by Margaret E Sangster

Thursday, October 20, 2005

High Risk High Gain

In the life, we will learn a lot of things. I have learned today that what ever you worked very hard and smart to make it happend some people around you will not take any decession to take the risk, with something you have been done, it means that work hard and work smart also is not enough, sometimes you should take decession to take a risk to do it by your self and off-course to convince people to take or to share a risk with you.

Normally the losser will never take any single risk even very small risk. But my understanding is "High Risk is High Gain" and not much people are dare to be......, Any way I have done the best effort and learn that so many people are affraid with the his/her shadows. Well done, I am happy, even the looser are not shown what I have been done, but I'm make it for my self and take a risk for my life. sometimes when you achieve something you will not be happy if some one else are not recognized it that you have done such a big things, just be humble

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;

For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

poem by Kahlil GIBRAN

Monday, October 17, 2005

Qualcomm blasts WiMAX lobby

by Grahame Lynch - 13/10/2005 10:41:17
source : Daily News

Qualcomm has launched an astonishing attack on the Wi-MAX fraternity with the allegation that it has not substantiated its technical claims and has wildly under-estimated the costs of wide-area wireless network installation.

In a 32 page white paper released to worldwide telecom media yesterday, Qualcomm marketing EVP Jeff Belk has spectacularly upped the ante in his two year campaign to counter claims and what he says is "misinformation in the marketplace" about the capabilities of WiFi and WiMAX.

You can read the whitepaper for yourself by downloading it at: Or you can watch TelecomTV's recent interview with Mr Belk, in which he dismisses the WiMAX standard.

Belk's key contention is that turn-key WiMAX networks will face exactly the same costs and challenges as 3G networks when it comes to testing, the constraints of frequency wavelength on propagation, costs of tower sites and infrastructure and device availability. But they will lack the advantages of harmonised spectrum, a billion plus installed user base for mobiles and the advantage of rich streams of legacy voice revenues.

And crucially, with WiMAX standards still immature, Mr.Belk claims the major 3G standards have a massive headstart.

Belk is particularly critical of claims that WiMAX may be able to provide throughputs of up to 75Mbit/s at 50km.

"Hanaro Telecom in South Korea installed a massive amount of infrastructure and launched a WiBro (Korean Wi-MAX) network. Did they get 75Mbit/s at 50km? Nope. They got 500kbit/s to 2Mbit/s with cell sizes of 1-2km".

And even if WiMAX can become more technically competitive, Belk points to the limited use of Wi-Fi to suggest that WiMAX may struggle to become significant. He pointed to one of the large national Wi-Fi hotspot providers in the US, which recently claimed it had recorded 64 million minutes of paid use in one month.

"There are over 175 million (mobile) subscribers in the United States at over 750 minutes a month. This means over 127 billion minutes of use per month. We are talking about roughly a 2000-1 ratio here," he said. "So the WiMAX guys have a vague vision about metro coverage and in other areas about rural coverage. There are also vague statements on economies of scale and an intellectual property regime that is different from other wireless technologies."

He added; "However, there is a basic problem in that there has not been any examples of data-only systems being economically viable, and no discussion, if the Wi-MAX guys are going to do voice services, how they are going to penetrate a value chain and wireless ecosystem that will be rapidly approaching a billion units a year by the time the WiMAX guys get their act together. Let alone what frequency these alleged systems will operate at. Or how the standardisation issues get solved".

In its most biting passage, Belk's paper also disputes whether laptop manufacturers will happily incorporate WiMAX chips in their products, as is the hope of WiMAX promoter Intel.

"If you are a laptop manufacturer, you want efficient manufacturing and global service strategies," something, Belk adds, is not possible with mobile Wi-MAX over the next few years because it lacks a road-tested standard, has not been properly trialled for interference issues and works across so many frequency bands that it will become overly expensive to cater to them all

Saturday, October 15, 2005

c'est long weekend

Alors, This weekend aku lumayan banyak aktivitas, hari jumat aku ambil cuti satu hari, karena aku memang ada rencana ke Tax consultant untuk interview masalah tax aku selama tinggal di sini.

setelah selesai dengan tax consultant dari PWC, aku ada rencana ke KBRI di paris, karena aku memang belum lapor dan pindah alamat walaupun aku sudah punya carte de sejours, cuma kalau ngga pindah alamat nanti bisa repot, anyway memang aku harus lapor lah wong di indoensia aja tamu harap lapor pak RT untuk 1x24 jam, heheheh masih ada ngga yaa aturan itu!!!

akhirnya sampai juga di KBRI, padahal kalau dari apartment aku ke KBRI sebenarnya ngga jauh paling 2-3 Km yaa cuman masalah waktu aja yang aku ngga sempet kesini... setelah registrasi aku harus nunggu dulu, terus mampir aja ke Koperasi dan membeli bumbu nasi goreng sama indomie dan gula merah, karena aku seminggu yang lalu beli jahe, jadi pengen bikin wedang jahe dengan gula merah. ternyata jumat ini ada beberapa rombongan anggota DPR dari komisi X yang yang ikut seminar di undang sama UNESCO, jadi sambil nunggu shalat jumat yaa kita ngobrol2 lah dengan para anggota dewan yang terhormat, mereka tanya aku sekolah disini..?? aku bilang ngga pak saya TKI di sini hahahhahha, dan meluncur cerita cerita mengenai indonesia, paris etc sebagai pengisi waktu, ngobrol hampir 30 menit para anggota dewan itu keluar dari KBRI dan kembali ke UNESCO karena ada rapat penting disana. terus aku yaa masuk ke aula untuk shalat jumat;

ada sedikit perasaan sedih, pada saat shalat jumat di bukan ramadhan, ada perasaan yang berbeda banget kalau shalat di masjid di paris atau bulogne dengan shalat di KBRI, I feel like at home. ah may be I just miss my country. setelah shalat selesai aku ngobrol-ngobrol sebentar dengan orang KBRI dan anak-anak Pelajar indonesia yang beberapa diantaranya aku kenal. setelah itu kembali ke bagian konsulat dan ambil passport yang sudah pindah alamat dan ini processnya gratuis.

balik dari KBRI aku pulang ke apartment pengen tidur siang hahahahahaha, sebelum sampai apartment Rudi, anak PPI paris yang ambil S3 disini telpon, dia ajak ngopi nanti malam dengan anak PPI lainnya dan ketemu sama orang TOTAL Indonesié, rencananya sich dia ajak buka puasa bersama, i said Ok deh. ternyata aku tertidur pulas dan baru bangun 20 menit sebelum buka puasa, I aku telpon Rudy, kalau aku ngga bisa ikutan buka bersama karena waktunya ngga ngejar untuk ke Saint-Michel dalam 10 menit, aku bilang in next 1 hours deh aku kesana. akhirnya yaa buka puasa di rumah untung ada indomie yang baru tadi di beli. terus kita ketemu di Saint-Michael, selain Rudi ada juga Romo siapa yaa aku lupa, dia juga sedang ambil S3 filsafat, Romo ini seorang pastur dan dia pengajar di salah satu universitas katholik di indonesia. akhirnya kita langsung meluncur ke Bastille, karena janjian disana jam 20h30, kita ketemu di depan opera bastille, dan beberapa anak2 PPI udah ada di sana. akhirnya kita kurang lebih ada hampir 15 orang termasuk teman2 dari TOTAL. ngobrol macem2 sampai jam 11.h30 terus bubar karena metro hampir finish.

Karena kemaleman Rudi yang ambil S3 di fontanableu harus nginep di rumah karena kereta yang kesana udah ngga ada, ok no problem. paling ngga ada ada temen sahur hehehe.
yaa kita ngobrol sampai jam 2 terus pada tidur, dan alarm bunyi jam 5.h30 bangun dan masak nasi goreng dengan sosis, telor, kacang polong dan ikan nugget untuk sahur. yaa beginilah nasib jadi anak kost,

jam 7 pagi Rudi udah cabut, karena dia mau packing rencananya dia mau pulang ke bandung tanggal 28 oct, dan keluarganya di bawa pulang juga dan bakal netep di bandung, sedangkan dia balik lagi dan mungkin akan setahun lagi di sini.

wah mata masih ngantuk tapi kalau tidur lagi nanti bisa kesiangan, aku ada janji sama Zitta, kita berdua mau ke Air France untuk ambil vaccine, jam 10h30 aku ketemu dia di Invalid metro, aku terlambat dikit gara2 ketinggalan RER C dan mesti tunggu 30 menit, kalaau metro tiap 10 menit ada, kalau RER wah lumayan lama, apalagi weekend.

dari metro invalid kita berdua jalan ke Rue d'la université 148, Air france Vaccine international, jadi tempat ini untuk vaccine buat orang yang mau mengunjungi satu negara, terus tempat ini ngga free kayak tempat vaccine yang lain yang di urus pemerintah, tapi tempat ini bukan dari senin sampai jumat jam 9-17 dan sabtu sari jam 9 sampai 16h00, udah gitu disini ngga perlu reservation, kalau tempat lain buka ngga tiap hari dan harus reservation. gitu dateng biasa register dulu kasih passport etc2, luamayan lama nunggu nya karena banyak visitor yang ambil vaccine, kayaknya pada mau yiapin perjalanan ke tempat yang hangat selama musim dingin december nanti. aku di vaccine DTP dan Influenza, aku harus bayar 48€ untuk dua vaccine ini dan aku harus ulangi untuk DTP bosster di bulan december, disini DTP wajib tiap 10 tahun sekali.

selesai dari sini kita berdua pergi ke la chappele, disini ada satu toko india namanya GOPAL, deket danget dari station metro, toko ini menjual banyak makanan asia termasuk indomie dan sambel indofood dan banyak makanan indonesia, terus terang harganya bersaing dari koperasi KBRI, hehehhe. disini aku sempet beli kerupuk udang asli dari indonesia, terus kacang hijau dan santan powder sama kamu manis, kayaknya enak nich bibin bubur kacang hijau, ngga lupa aku beli Kurma juga buat buka puasa, wah kayaknya tempat ini dan barbers bisa di jadiin tujuan mingguan untuk belanja, karena mudah banget cari halal food di daerah ini.

well oke lah balik ke rumah masing2, aku stop di jasmin zitta terus sampai pont de sévres,

bon weekend...

Friday, October 14, 2005

Indonesién restaurant

Agnes Marco Girl Friend, (left) and Sabine

During the way back from Bregtane last week, franck are discussed with me to out of dinner, I told him that in few days JM will come to Paris, coz he should pick-up, perempuan nya from Kuala, Agnes.

then I decide we will do it on Wednesday, this time restaurant Indonesia, I went to the restaurant last time but it was closed, so after several month never eat Indonesian food, even I can cooked Indonesiénne food, better we go to restaurant. On monday I sent email to Marco, Francky, Chammond and Cedric, but the last two not possible to come, they have something to do, we are work in Kuala together las time. Francky is invite also his friend,

on the day, I was come late because I was completely loss in Paris, last time easy for me to find the restaurant because and finaly JeanMarc pick-up me in Metro Odéon, but the best way in fact from Metro Jardin de Luxemburg, as far I know there is only two restaurant, hmm should I bring my Mom to open restaurant here, hehhee

Marco, haiiya perempuan orang Cina

here is the address Indonesian restaurant,

Indonesia restaurant Adresse: 12, Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris Cuisine : Indonésien Téléphone :

Discuss about Sambel

the menu was modified to be accepted by French, but still not bad for the taste, all the friends seems to be happy with a good food, thank all you like this food.

Francky and Me, both are future CEO, more coffe Francky

Monday, October 10, 2005

Last day, back to reality

It's head of Napoleon still in Perros Guirec ...??

Well, it is sunday is our last day in bregtane,

it's time to go some shopping but before that we are planning to make local tourisme, and JM is our tourist guide for today.

He explained about the place called head of napoleon etc, is interesting I will not write to much just enjoy the picture.

some sport today, so we went to driving range together, before starting our friend Franck, coaching us a little bit about this, I told him I am not the master but tiger wood has been learn from me hahhaha joking.

Like a pro

after sport we went to some supermarket are selling gift and souvernir from bregtane, I bought some book how to create Creeps, specilities food from bregtane, and some candy caramel, any one interesting ....??? the caramel is really nice, soft and sweet.

well it is not enought time to be spent, finaly we should back to Paris, Marco drop us to lannion station and we went back to Paris with TGV and by mistake we are in the same train and number, and during the trip Franck share some picture of him, And we are arriving in Paris before mid night, salut franck

thank God and thank Marco for great Weekend,

a bientot a Paris.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

day #2 cooking

After finish Canoe, we come back to JM house, take a shower again and change clothes we will go to shopping mall, we plan to cook something.

Ok, we plan to cook Crab,
we bought 3 big Crab, shrimp and one shrimp very special, i didn't know the name in english. And not forget we are buy some fromage, in fact a lot fromage, because for Franck and JM is normal to eat fromage but for me it is a pleasure to eat and taste fromage, I will make story about fromage next tim dont worry I have refernce book about fromage.

What intersting in Supermarket when we are buy something JM suggest me to have a original Cola from Bregtane, it was look nice because using special bottle for that, interesting, So I took one bottle of Coca origin from Bregtane.

Ok we are cooking together help each other to make receipt, this JM is the Cheef a leader of Cheef with deputi my self and Franck. food was wonderful and we are started eat at 9.h00 Pm and finishes at 11.h30 pm, upps forget it was not finish because after main course we should have la fromage and dessert, finally we finish at 1.h30 after fromage and desert.

very tired after canoe and full of dinner, well both of us finaly sleep like a baby, completely death....... and weak up an 1h00 PM, to bad we miss tradional market.

day #2 Canoe

Franck (siluet) and Handsome Marco
OK, Finally we arrived in station Treggor at 11.h00 PM it was late about 30 minutes, and we saw Jean-marc waiting us, wow he become more fat and look very young hahahah, I think his very happy living in Bregtane, this is small town not like Paris is big city, he told me that he living in Kampong called perros-Guirec, from the station we arrived it took 30 minute to his house.

the fact we are not take a train directly to Bregtane is the way to save some money hahahah. That’s the friends are for.

When we arrived I heard wave from the sea, it was bit cold last night but it was OK, I also saw a lot of star in the night with wave from the sea it was wonderful very nice harmony really wonderful,

We are discussing a lot and he was preparing food, maroccean food is like tajin, it was nice, after that we talk a lot of things, we took some time to out together to see the beach in 02H00 PM in the morning is crazy but its fun because no body in the beach we are doing small jogging, very coold but is crazy, I never did this kind of thing hahahaha.

So we back at 03H00 and go to sleep, I am heard alarm from my phone at 6h00 but couldn't weak-up just switch off the phone and sleep again, then I miss the sahur, we are weak-up at 11.30 hahaahha

Since I am doing ramadhan, my friends are do some breakfast, meantime i am updating my blog and called family using skype-out, take about One Hour on the phone and cost me about 1.5 euro is really cheap.

Just weak-up

So we ready, JM asked to do some sport, Canoe hmmm intersting to do this sport is challanging, I really like to do some sport specialy sport in the sea, it took 3 minute by car to go to the Marine, JM renting Canoe for 3 person and there is other person join with us, and this trip is included with tour guide and instructor.

the instructure as us, about this sport, I said, this time is first time for me. in fact I am not have a good skill to swim, but Franck told me don't say that he will refused you, hahhah
bit affraid fo the first time, but I always sing a song, "Don't be affraid for something new, event you don't know"

the guy was teach us how to move with canoe, is very simple technic, ok for the first time not easy for me to contro the ship, but finaly I can manage.

We are ready

We are Canoeing a long the coast, is about 5Km,is really nice speacially when you cross the attoll, you have to wait the wave, it's kind timing game, when you have to go and when you have to wait. and I am the one can cross the attoll very smooth without any problem even this is first time for me.

well it was 3 hours we have to go back to Marine, otherwise the wave it will be more big than before, and also the water is getting cold, so we are doing racing to reach the beach, Ok this time I have no power since I am not anything.

Friday, October 07, 2005

La Bregtane est trés ou tranquile

Perros Guirec beach from Marco Apart

Today is Friday, it was plan long time ago to visit one of my friend was working together in Kuala, Now he is based in Perros Guirec, Bregtane, west of France.

I am very happy today because I had finished one of project for phase 1, and it was well perform, next week it second phase will be starting as ussual finished One come two, thank God was gave me a lot of opportunities, TGIF , so not so much work of load and people are not really stress except Franck, I had called him at 8h00 AM, he was in office, he told me that he had important presentation well he keep our rhythm like in Kuala, we are always worked with customer mindset fully targeted it’s really stress but it is fun.

I left office bit early this afternoon and not say bye to my best friend Olfa, she is have a lot of project this week, normally I always give a hand to her and always helping each other as team work, but today not really otherwise I will be stuck in office, hahahah sory Olfa,

The train to Lannion will departure from Gare MontParnasse, to go there from office it will take 1 hour more less, I have to take bus and change in Pont de sevres, take line 9 and stop in Trocadéro change to line 6 and stop in Gare montparnasse.

Marco and Franck

I arrived late than Franck, I am wait a little bit and we meet at Quick, is fast food like Mc D but this is french one, one of the famous burger restaurant in Paris, he order something but I couldn’t at that time still not yet break fast, he very kind he asked me that to eat something in front of me, I said well go ahead, I don’t mine. We are discussing a little bit while he finished the burger, and after that I stop by in sandwich store, is kind of bulangerie to buy sandwich to breaking fast. Well everything in France are expensive but sandwich in station is more expensive, for tuna sandwich is cost me about 7€ with petit coca ( small coca cola), anyway i have to buy otherwise it will be more expensive when you buy something in train.. finally we are not in the same train, I am in voiture 16th Frank is on voiture 17, even his the one was ordered ticket for me last time.

3 minutes after that train is boarding, lucky I am bring my laptop so I can read some document and reading some e-book and wrote the blogs.

England Style

1 hour after that train stop in station Le-Mans, I am remember with Mba Endang, we are in the same flight from Singapore to Paris. I would like to call but my mobile phone are in my backpack and I am seat down close to the window, dont want bothering people close to mes, anyway I will call her sometimes.

Finally breakfasting are come, it was 19h27 PM, so I am enjoyed my buka puasa with Thon Sandwich and coca, as usual the baguette are thought but nice, in bahasa is called “Garing di luar and lembut di dalam” really French bread are very nice specially when hand made bread. I was interrupted by conducteur who has check ticket, I remember last time when I went to Marseille no one are doing some checking, so I stop to eat my sandwich and gave him the e-ticket, the conducteur asked me d’identiti, upps I have not bring my passport because It was in chinnesse embasy to get visa to shanghai, it was luck I was made a copy before but I have to out from my chair and took from my back pack, I gave the copy of my passport and visa, he asked me I need your passport he said in French, I said sorry I am not bring it with me it’s in chinesse embasy for visa I said, I told him you can see my name and this is the copy of my passport and original work permit, is that not enough for you is said in French, hahahha I am not sure he understand what I am talking about since my French are not good enough, finally he agree ok no problem.

Well he just stop my sandwich…. in few minutes my friend Jean-Marc called me to make sure I am on the way, I said yes, I am on the train I told him I will be arrive in station Plouaret Treggor at 10h30 PM, ok he will pick me up, well at least it will be in next 2 hours from now.

will keep you posted

Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Humble Me"

I don't know why, I like all Norah Jones songs, I was listening some of her song today, and there is one song I really like it today, is humble me. For sure to be humble is not easy but is usefull to do it, sometimes you happy, sometimes you sad, sometimes angry but tried to be humble, it make you always balancecAs I always in my principe, "it's nice tobe important but is more important to be nice" be humble,

Went out on a limb
Gone too far
Broken down at the side of the road
Stranded at the outskirts and sun's creepin' up
Baby's in the backseat
Still fast asleep
Dreamin' of better days
I don't want to call you but you're all i have to turn to

What do you say
When it's all gone away?
Baby i didn't mean to hurt you
Truth spoke in whispers will tear you apart
No matter how hard you resist it
It never rains when you want it to

You humble me Lord
Humble me Lord
I'm on my knees empty
You humble me Lord
You humble me Lord
Please, please, please forgive me

Baby teresa got your eyes
I see you all the time
When she asks about her daddy
I never know what to say

Heard you knocked the bottle
And helped to build the church
You carry an honest wage
Is it true you have someone keeping you company?

What do you say
When its all gone away?
Baby i didn't meant to hurt you
Truth spoke in whispers will tear you apart
No matter how hard you resist it
It never rains when you want it to

You humble me Lord
Humble me Lord
I'm on me knees empty
You humble me Lord
You humble me Lord
Please, please, please forgive me

source :

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

first ramadhan in paris

Today, is first ramadhan in the word, most odf the moslem are doing fasting.

normally before fasting, it is sunnah to do breakfast in the morning before sunrise and will be break on sunset, today I was sahur with nasi goreng and fish nugget, as ussual I am cooking myself. it's nice Nasi goreng I bought seassoning in KBRI Paris, Indofood is well known brand in Indonesia, now even you can buy throught Yahoo
I know for the price in europe is not so cheap compare the price in Jakarta area is around 30 cent euros, he you can buy for around 1.5 euros, anyway is OK, nasi goreng is simple and easy to cook, and dont forget is delicious.

anyway this it will be my first experience doing ramadhan in europe, it will not the same as in moslem country. I will try to gave some story about ramadhan in france letter on,

Treasure of my life

Thanks to God was gave us the bless of your creation, they are very cute, handsome, beutiful and nice, I am the happy father in the world, event is 11.000 km away fom me, you are very closed to me, always. Hope you can be a nice person inyour life and be good

Rafi, with very nice smile, 5 month old, hmm 8,5 kg not bad infact is still full ASI

Kakak Khansa, selalu truh jari di pipi kalau di photo, sometimes I am look serious, like my father, but I am nice. and my father too
Mom, do I look Ok... , C'est cool
Hahahahah Eyang suka bikin Rafi ketawa aja sich, ada apa yaaa

Sleeping beauty, c'est tres joli

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Marhabban yaa Ramadhan

Bienvenu Ramadhan,

C'est le premier ramadhan pour moi à Paris. upps swicth ke indonesia dari pada pembaca protest.

walaupun bukan yang pertama kali ramadhan jauh dari keluarga, tapi kali ini benar benar dalam benua yang berbeda, moslem disini Insya Allah juga starting Ramadhan tanggal 5 october, Syukur Alhamdulilah jatuhnya pas ngga lagi musim panas jadi agak pendek waktu puasanya, Jam 6 Pagi disini baru shubuh dan magrib masih jam 19.27 PM tapi ini masih di awal-awal ramadhan, karena makin kesana yaa magribnya makin cepet sekitar jam 17.30 PM.

Ramadhan kali ini akan sangat lain dengan ramadhan waktu masih di Kuala lumpur, waktu itu tiap hari safari ramadhan karena assistance disana, cik Noor Hafidzah Zakaria, dapat banyak invitation dari hotel2 di Kuala lumpur untuk datang pas acara buka puasa, biasanya temen dari office yang di undang cukup banyak, kali ini ngga pasti disini.

belum check juga nich dengan KBRI di paris, Mudah mudahan ada shalat tarawih, hmmm jadi inget kalau buka puasa di rumah enyak, biasanya mbah uti bikinin bakwan goreng, ini makannya hangat-hangat sambil minum teh panas dengan potongan lemon, wah sedapnya.

hmm ntar bikin sediri deh, bakwan goreng walaupun mungkin ngga se-enak bikinan nyokap, tapi kali ini minumnya bukan teh dengan lemon, mau coba resep teh marroco, namanya "minthe the", resepnya di kasih sama Malek's Wife.

wah ini puasa aja belum mulai malah udah mikirin buka puasa hahahah. Sedihnya mungkin Lebaran nanti ngga bisa pulang kampong, tapi Insya Allah habis lebaran bisa pulang perkiraan november .

sebelumnya saya mohon maaf lahir bathin buat sayang suka akses blog saya, mohon di maapin kalau ada kata2 yang ngga berkenan dan semoga puasa kita bisa lancar and Allah mengampuni segala kesalahan kita semua dan memberikan derajat yang lebih baik dan Insya Allah bisa menyelesaikan puasa tahun ini dan Insya Allah Masih di kasih kesempatan puasa lagi tahun depan.

Marhabban yaa Ramadhan, marhabban yaa marhabban.......

Monday, October 03, 2005

How do I Build and Leverage a Personal Network??

Step #1: Building your empire

Get a new attitude.
Don't think that needing help is a weakness. Building a personal network means meeting, contacting and maintaining relationships with people who have the ability to help you succeed. Because most people have found themselves in your position at one time or another, they can empathize with your situation and gladly offer assistance-whether it be arranging introductions or offering advice.

Attend industry events.
Check your local trade organization's calendars for a listing of events in your area. Whether the event is a straight networking event or topic specific, it is an excellent way to meet others in the industry. If you don't feel comfortable going alone, get a few friends or colleagues to join you-but get out there! Make it a point to meet and talk to at least three new people (don't forget to get their business card). Follow up with the people you met in a quick next-day email. The goal is to make an impression so they will remember you the next time you contact them.

Keep a black book.
Maintain an address book that includes contact information for former managers, department VP's and reputable colleagues. There will come a time where you will want to contact these people again-whether it be for a reference or simple advice. Drop them a line regularly as to keep their contact information up to date.

Associate yourself.
It's probable that you've been part of an association at one point in your life (sorority/fraternity, scholastic or professional associations). If not, get out there and find a trade organization to join. Typically, these associations have online communication and/or networking opportunities to keep you in contact with other members. These are people you don't even know that are willing to help you! This can be a terrific resource for you to gather information about a particular industry or hear about hot job openings.

Step #2: Using your power

Keep in touch.
Communicate with your contact list via a quick email or coffee about once every one to two months. This will keep you fresh on their minds when they hear of a new job opportunity or company that may interest you.

Know what you're asking for.
In this day and age, people are extremely busy. When calling on your peers for assistance, be clear in your request and expectations. People want to feel as if they are actually helping you; however, if you don't know what you are asking for, you'll just end up frustrating everyone.

Get contacts from your contacts.
Here's the best kept secret in the world of networking. It's great to meet new people, but think about how many more people they know. During your next conversation, ask your contact to recommend three people you could speak to about _____ (insert your interest here). It's important to be specific and courteous when requesting information-don't forget, your contacts are putting their own name on the line for you.

Don't just scratch your own back.
As a productive member of society, you can also help your contacts gain access to companies and information via your personal network. Offer assistance regularly, especially if that person has helped you in the past.

Mind your manners.
Don't forget to say "thank you" to those who have helped you out! A simple hand-written note or small gift (there are several gift delivery sites online now that are easy and inexpensive) expressing your appreciation says it all.


Saturday, October 01, 2005


Turut berduka cita sedalam-dalamnya atas banyaknya korban.

Mengutuk keras, tindakan biadad yang tidak ber-adab !!!!

Semoga pelakunya segara tertangkap dan hukuman MATI adalah minimal...