Sunday, October 09, 2005

day #2 Canoe

Franck (siluet) and Handsome Marco
OK, Finally we arrived in station Treggor at 11.h00 PM it was late about 30 minutes, and we saw Jean-marc waiting us, wow he become more fat and look very young hahahah, I think his very happy living in Bregtane, this is small town not like Paris is big city, he told me that he living in Kampong called perros-Guirec, from the station we arrived it took 30 minute to his house.

the fact we are not take a train directly to Bregtane is the way to save some money hahahah. That’s the friends are for.

When we arrived I heard wave from the sea, it was bit cold last night but it was OK, I also saw a lot of star in the night with wave from the sea it was wonderful very nice harmony really wonderful,

We are discussing a lot and he was preparing food, maroccean food is like tajin, it was nice, after that we talk a lot of things, we took some time to out together to see the beach in 02H00 PM in the morning is crazy but its fun because no body in the beach we are doing small jogging, very coold but is crazy, I never did this kind of thing hahahaha.

So we back at 03H00 and go to sleep, I am heard alarm from my phone at 6h00 but couldn't weak-up just switch off the phone and sleep again, then I miss the sahur, we are weak-up at 11.30 hahaahha

Since I am doing ramadhan, my friends are do some breakfast, meantime i am updating my blog and called family using skype-out, take about One Hour on the phone and cost me about 1.5 euro is really cheap.

Just weak-up

So we ready, JM asked to do some sport, Canoe hmmm intersting to do this sport is challanging, I really like to do some sport specialy sport in the sea, it took 3 minute by car to go to the Marine, JM renting Canoe for 3 person and there is other person join with us, and this trip is included with tour guide and instructor.

the instructure as us, about this sport, I said, this time is first time for me. in fact I am not have a good skill to swim, but Franck told me don't say that he will refused you, hahhah
bit affraid fo the first time, but I always sing a song, "Don't be affraid for something new, event you don't know"

the guy was teach us how to move with canoe, is very simple technic, ok for the first time not easy for me to contro the ship, but finaly I can manage.

We are ready

We are Canoeing a long the coast, is about 5Km,is really nice speacially when you cross the attoll, you have to wait the wave, it's kind timing game, when you have to go and when you have to wait. and I am the one can cross the attoll very smooth without any problem even this is first time for me.

well it was 3 hours we have to go back to Marine, otherwise the wave it will be more big than before, and also the water is getting cold, so we are doing racing to reach the beach, Ok this time I have no power since I am not anything.

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    Terrific little blog - well worth a visit. I'm still trying to get mine together on stuff like preparing food. Come take a look if you get the chance.