Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Treasure of my life

Thanks to God was gave us the bless of your creation, they are very cute, handsome, beutiful and nice, I am the happy father in the world, event is 11.000 km away fom me, you are very closed to me, always. Hope you can be a nice person inyour life and be good

Rafi, with very nice smile, 5 month old, hmm 8,5 kg not bad infact is still full ASI

Kakak Khansa, selalu truh jari di pipi kalau di photo, sometimes I am look serious, like my father, but I am nice. and my father too
Mom, do I look Ok... , C'est cool
Hahahahah Eyang suka bikin Rafi ketawa aja sich, ada apa yaaa

Sleeping beauty, c'est tres joli


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