Friday, October 14, 2005

Indonesién restaurant

Agnes Marco Girl Friend, (left) and Sabine

During the way back from Bregtane last week, franck are discussed with me to out of dinner, I told him that in few days JM will come to Paris, coz he should pick-up, perempuan nya from Kuala, Agnes.

then I decide we will do it on Wednesday, this time restaurant Indonesia, I went to the restaurant last time but it was closed, so after several month never eat Indonesian food, even I can cooked Indonesiénne food, better we go to restaurant. On monday I sent email to Marco, Francky, Chammond and Cedric, but the last two not possible to come, they have something to do, we are work in Kuala together las time. Francky is invite also his friend,

on the day, I was come late because I was completely loss in Paris, last time easy for me to find the restaurant because and finaly JeanMarc pick-up me in Metro Odéon, but the best way in fact from Metro Jardin de Luxemburg, as far I know there is only two restaurant, hmm should I bring my Mom to open restaurant here, hehhee

Marco, haiiya perempuan orang Cina

here is the address Indonesian restaurant,

Indonesia restaurant Adresse: 12, Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris Cuisine : Indonésien Téléphone :

Discuss about Sambel

the menu was modified to be accepted by French, but still not bad for the taste, all the friends seems to be happy with a good food, thank all you like this food.

Francky and Me, both are future CEO, more coffe Francky

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