Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jarak semakin dekat dengan internet

Obrolan anak dengan bapaknya yang berkerja di luar negri menggunakan teknologi SIP video via internet.

Anak : "Hello, Papah!!!", "Aku liat papah di komputerku".

Papah: "Helo Sayang, gambar wajah papah jelas ngga".

Anak: "Jelas koq pah, dan suaranya juga, Tapi aku masih kangen papah nich, ngga bisa peluk"

Papah: " Ya tapi kan sekarang kamu bisa liat papah, nanti papah cepet pulang".

Anak: "Pah, kenapa sich papah ngga kerja di sini aja, jadi kan aku ngga kangen"

Papah: "Iya, papah tahu, nanti kalau ada pekerjaan yang cocok dengan papah,

papa akan pulang".

Anak: " Iya, tapi kapan ???"

papah: " Iya papah sudah cari tapi belum dapat, dan kerjaan papah disini juga

bagus koq, menarik".

Anak: "Iya tapi aku kangen papah???????!!!!!", " aku mau papah disini, sekarang"

Papah: "ya sudah, kalau kamu memaksa, nanti papah berhenti kerja & pulang"

Anak: " Asik Papah pulang, papah pulang,"

Anak: "Tapi pah, kalau papah ngga kerja, nanti kita ngga punya uang donk",

"Kalau ngga punya uang, nanti kita aku ngga bisa punya mainan donk"
" dan ngga bisa berenang dan liburan, sambil minum ice-cream".

Papah: "Ya nanti kan papah kerja di sana sayang"

Anak: "Kerja apa pah ...??"

Papah: "Gimana kalau papah buka warung atau jualan bakso ?????"

Anak: "Kenapa, jualan bakso pah ?"

Papah: "Supaya, bisa punya uang,kan perlu untuk hidup, untuk makan, beli baju"

Anak: "Ya sudah deh, papah ngga usah pulang aja yaa ?!?!"

Papah : "Kenapa nak, koq papah ngga boleh pulang kampung"

Anak: " Ya kan soalnya jualan bakso capek pah, papah harus keliling komplek,

terus kena panas dan hujan, aku kan ngga mau papa ke hujanan, nanti

Papah: " Terus"

Anak: "ya sudah papah kerja aja sampai selesai, terus bawa uang yang banyak,

dan kalau aku kangen, kan di komputer ,aku bisa liat papa dan ngomong
sama papah, yaa aku peluk dan cium deh komputer yang ada papahnya"

Papah: "huauuuuaa:(("

Anak: "pah dah dulu, aku mau main barbie, sekarang ngobrol aja sama mamah"

Anak: "Eh, iya mah, Internetannya jangan lama-2, kan mamah bilang bayarnya


Mamah: "gubrak, x("

Monday, March 26, 2007

Semusim tlah kulewati.

Wah ngga terasa Winter has gone, baru sadar kalau Spring sudah datang, baru sadarnya karena belum ngerubah jam, aku selalu berpatokan dengan jam di metro karena meto atau subway disini selalu tepat waktu, demikian juuga dengan bus, aku liat jam di Mobile aku masih jam 9.01 tapi koq bus nya sudah ngga ada yaa ? Pada kemana mereka, Langsung mikir kalau wah pasti pada mogok kerja deh nich supir bus, setelah nunggu lama ngga sengaja meilhat jam di jadwal bus, wah ternyata sudah jam 10.01 pantesan aja bus nya sudah ngga ada.

Wah seneng juga semusim telah berlalu, Matahari sudah bersinar cerah dan suhu masih berkisar antara 8-15 derajat, waktu malam semakin pendek dan siang akan semakin panjang. Yang kadang cukup merepotkan kalau sudah musim spt ini harus sering_sering setrika baju soalnya ngga bisa berlindung di balik jacket yang tebal. Kalau musim dingin baju kusut juga santai aja, karena di tutup Jacket, sekarang wah yaa ndak bisa lagi.

Selamat datang Musim semi, mungkin ini adalah musim terakhir yang aku harus lewatin tanpa dirimu, Musim berikutnya akan kita lewati bersama.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Eagle will landing

In the life nothing is absolute, everything was started will always come with ending, the result is depend of the process how we manage it. I am always emphasis with the result and always take care of the process and will make sure to get the best result. And the result is not just to make everybody happy but make people feel better and confident, is not always perfect result because nothing perfect in the life, event I always believe that everything in the life is beautiful only the time can prove that.

While I am writing this, I see snow out there, everything is white and look very nice, I am bit frozen here in my splendid hotel room in Hanover, but I feel better because everything was end. I had meet many peoples, collaborate with them, saw different character of person I work with and learn they are culture is make my life rich. Thank God, I am glad to have this opportunities and for sure this is not easy but once again I am able to manage it.

I will flying back to Paris this afternoon, glad I am not get visa to US, so I will staying in my small apartment in down town Paris otherwise I have to be in Orlando, Florida rushing for work, some colleagues asked me to come they told me is nice city but I would like to be landed for a while because I was thinking very hard to take decision, I have to finish while I am on the top level from what I have done before, I need to re-position and will not like to stay on the same job for some years, then I need to stop to go to another step before everything ended naturally, I will finish my job in two month from now, I have to prepare the next and hope the future will be good for everybody, I was like a bird flying from one continent to another continent in the last two years and the question, how far can I go ?, I am sure someday I have to stop this and this is a good time while I am still in good, come back and returning to the root with million of experience and knowledge it will be very useful to share and to give. When I look the watch, a clock at the end will comeback to the same time but not with the same condition.

The landing is a start to take off. "Juliet Kilo Tanggo.... do you copy ?" over , loud and clear, ready for landing.

Thanks to God, and my lovely wife and kids who always supporting this, without you I am nothing.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, snow is coming

After few days with good weather in Hannover, today the weather is raining and windy, and probably get snow this afternoon. Well I try to enjoy the situation because I don't know when I will come again to this city.

I had great dinner last night in Bahnhof-leinnhausen restaurant with colleagues here, and get back to hotel quite late, because in the restaurant we have live music, a band from Hamburg, the music was great and I am enjoyed and relax a little bit after long day.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tired to fly

Just arrived in Paris last Sunday from Jakarta, the weather was great, stay one night and fly again to Hannover and will stay till middle of next week and back to Paris, they asked me to go to Florida the week after, thanks I didn't have time to get my VISA to US. Got bored always packing some stuff and rushing to the airport, check-in in the airport, custom check, pickup the baggage, sometimes is nice but I was thinking is already to much, I am re-think to landing and just grounded.

Monday, March 05, 2007

iMAC, the dream come true

Thanks God, Finally I changed from Windows to Apple Mac OS X, 20" with 1GB, it is very fast and nice, we always want to touch it all the time. Sorry I am not hate windows or Linux just want to change and try a new things, it's really helpful for digital imaging, home usage specially for kids education and easy o use for internet browsing without worry about virus.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

got sick

Finally I got sick, now was 4th day, it's terrible because all the planning for vacation was not able to execute, everything has been canceled, but thank God because of this situation at least God is remain me that life is have to balance, it's sent me the signal to asked your body to stop doing work. Bed rest was better than always working, body and mind need slow down a bit.

"Raining not always bad, at least you feel better when it's stop, and you can go to the beach to enjoy sun."

hope get well soon.

posted from GPRS while rest in the bed.