Thursday, January 26, 2006

Learning about planning in your life

Since last week weather in France getting more frozen, and last week I got flu event I have been vaccinne flu some month ago but I still got it, perhaps because I am to much work and very stress because I have to be ready for some projects for 3GSMW in Barcelona. yeah is not fault of weather, Never mind this is life, this week also probably weather will not good, but I hope it will be better compare to rusian or scandinavian thanks God, Still managable.

This is first time for me I will be there for biggest event in Mobile communication world, for What I am doing I couldn't tell right know. Beginning this week everything starting better one by one milestone I can reach with no problem, I am realy strict in my planning, I hope I will not miss my target date and hope everything will be OK until End of the event. I just remember concerning about planning, I was read some article in Wikipedia concerning about this, I am also read book from Dwight D.Eisenhower, he said " Plans are nothing; planning is everything." it's true that to make everything getting done correctly you should make planning roadmap correctly, I was spent a lot of time for this planning and convince people about this unrealistic planning but Alhamdullillah Step by step I saw the result.

I am not working alone, in teamwork is very important to achieve something, sometimes you have debate/ argueing, fighting with your team member to insist that your planning/your concern is right, but sometimes you have to be very welcome with input of your collagues that what you are doing is not right, Critic people in very good manner way will help your self and people to understand that in team we have to reach the same aim. May because a lot of fighting I have very tired and get sick last week, any way this week much better even very cold.

now I am learning that Planning is everything in your life but you should starting your planning and reach to the finish, if Dwight D.Eisenhower, he said " Plans are nothing; planning is everything. I would like to add something "It will never finish when never start".

life is very beautiful even not always good part you have in your live but c'est la vie, that's a life, Thanks to God is still gave me a chance to do better in my life. Sometimes I am really sad that have tobe far away from my lovely wife, my beautifull daugther and my nice son, even far away but you always inside my heart could not be change forever in my life, amien.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

What is MPLS

Sekarang mau ngomongin MPLS aaah,

feelingnya sich tahun ini tahunnya MPLS, saya lagi liat-liat beberapa buku tentang MPLS

cuman belum sempet baca reviewnya mana yang bagus, kalau ada yang kasih ide welcome.

terus baca2 di IEC juga tentang MPLS

sama Free Encylopedia, thank to high bandwith from

Perhaps you work for a service provider that implements MPLS layer 3 (RFC2547bis) VPNs, MPLS layer 2 (AToM/etc.) based VPNs, and/or MPLS traffic engineering. Maybe you work for an enterprise that is thinking about taking advantage of MPLS VPNs to allow any-to-any WAN connectivity. Or perhaps you are preparing for certifications such as the service provider CCIE and want to make sure you that you have the best possible chance of acing the tests. Whatever your reasons for being interested in MPLS, you are going to need to lay your hands on some good information. That's where this little guide comes in.

There are a number of websites where you can find useful information about MPLS:

General links:

MPLS Resource Center Links (Interesting articles/whitepapers/faq):

MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance (one or two good white papers):

And for those who like reading standards documentation:


MPLS working group (LDP/MPLS-TE/etc.):

L3VPN working group (including MPLS layer-3 VPNs):

L2VPN working group (VPLS/IPLS/etc.):

Pseudowire Emulation Edge To Edge (MPLS pseudowire, etc):

If you are looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-read, one-stop guide to VPNs, including MPLS Layer-3 (RFC2547bis) VPNs and MPLS Layer-2 VPNs (VPWS and VPLS) then you might like to take a look at my forthcoming book, 'Comparing, Designing, and Deploying VPNs'.

This book includes in-depth coverage of MPLS Layer-3 (RFC 2547bis) VPNs and MPLS-based Layer-2 (AToM) VPNs. It includes detailed discussion of basic and advanced MPLS VPN design and deployment considerations. The book also allows readers to easily compare and contrast MPLS VPNs with other types of VPN, as well as describing how MPLS VPNs can be integrated with these other types of VPN.

And if you are looking for a practical and comprehensive guide to understanding and troubleshooting MPLS layer-3 (RFC2547bis) and MPLS layer-2 (AToM) VPNs, you might like to take a look at my other book, 'Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks (VPN)'.

'Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks' includes detailed, step-by-step information on understanding, configuring, and troubleshooting (locating/verifying/resolving) all elements of MPLS layer-3 VPNs, along with detailed, step-by-step information on understanding , configuring, and troubleshooting all elements of MPLS layer-2 (AToM/draft martini) based VPNs.

You can find a complete sample chapter of 'Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks' at the Cisco Press website ( [scroll to the bottom of that page]).

Be sure to let me know how you like my books (mark / at /

You might also like to take a look at the following book:

'Metro Ethernet'

'Metro Ethernet' is a nice high-level (theoretical) overview of metro Ethernet services.

For MPLS traffic engineering, you might like to try:

'Traffic Engineering with MPLS'

This is the one, the only book on MPLS traffic engineering. Very good exploration of MPLS traffic engineering, with plenty of Cisco config examples thrown in for good measure.

'MPLS: Technology and Applications (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)'

This book is now a little dated, but does still provide a good vendor neutral discussion of MPLS.

And if that’s not enough information on MPLS for you, then it’s time to get googling ;-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Qurban.....sacrifice... is part of life

This morning to celebrate Ied Mubarak, I went to Indonesia Embassy in Paris, it's not to far from my apartment by foot around 30 minutes and it's very cold this morning.

I arrived at 8.50 am, and prayer will begin in next 10 minutes, thank God is in time. after Two rakaat praying we listening the Khutbah from Mr. Ambassador nice and good explaination and very deep, this morning not so much people are coming not like Idul fitri last time, may be some of them are working and no more RTT like me, but I came !!!1, today moreless round 70-80 Man and around 70 women and child.

after that we have served lontong sayur, sambel goreng hati and Gule kambing with Krupuk Udang and some small cake and offcourse coffee. we have breakfast together and have a little chat with some people, I meet some person from Total, I had meet before and I was invited with Mas Noor to their home in La defanse. During the breakfast I heard that some one cakap Melayu, well is people from Malaysian Embassy, then I spoke Malay.... he was surprise that he guess I am malaysian too, I said no, I was in Kuala Lumpur quite long, last year then I can speak Malay very fluenlty, not to difficult in fact. Finally they not only one there is several person from Malaysia....... and we say hello each others.

well macam tu laa, bila you kena cakap, lagi senang !!!!!! hahahah I have not talk this language for sometimes.... it remaind me Kuala Lumpur with a lot of work, stress, headache but It's really fun, I am enjoyed, is kind of different life its good, very dynamic.

it's really nice when you out of your country you will know not so much people from your country but some of them are very important person , I had meet this kind of person during staying in Paris, this morning I have also discuss in very warmed discussion with Ambassador Indonesia for UNESCO, also Mr Ambasador of Indonesia for France, and some important person from TOTAL, TELKOM, KBRI, student Doctorate candidate... this kind of people you will never known it before, when you are staying in your country...... it's others benefit not only talking about money when you working abroad, this kind of relations, networking and recognazition, respected, socialization etc,
I am not saying that they are "some body" or everything for your life, is not bigger than God for sure, no... but is interesting to know this kind of person who came from different background from where are you come from.

personally I always saying Thank to Allah SWT was gave this opportunities and also my previous Chief, Monsieur ATTALAH, who gave me great promotion. and at last but not the least some people from my company in Indonesia who support this...... J'espère que tout court bien

Thank also to my beautiful wife, and great daugther and son, who is leaving 11000KM away from me and I have to sacrifice my availabity for you.... but some day for sure I will not be far away from you, Insya Allah. May Allah blessing us, amien

Monday, January 09, 2006

Decided and Moving on

If you decide that management is for you, don't continue to pursue technical education. Instead, pursue management skills. Learn about negotiation, project management, risk management, improve your communication and presentation skills. Dress better. Get to know your peers. Invite them to dinner. Play golf.

If you decide to pursue a technical career, learn about the technologies that interest you. Seek certifications. Learn how to implement those technologies. Share that information with others. Advocate for the use of those technologies.

If you decide to pursue a career in business analysis, educate yourself in the relevant business topics. This can be industry specific. Learn accounting. Learn manufacturing. Learn about the company you work for. Learn business process management.

If you decide to pursue a career in application systems analysis, focus on system techniques. Learn about database design and technologies. Learn about programming languages and algorithms.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

vacation 2005

I am really sory that not all picture are uploaded, I have reached the limit this month, see all the picture has been uploaded for this month, please check this link

Not Feeling Well

A man goes to the doctor and tells him that he hasn't been feeling well. The doctor examines him, leaves the room and comes back with three different bottles of pills.

The doctor says, "Take the green pill with a big glass of water when you get up. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after lunch. Then just before going to bed, take the red pill with another big glass of water."

Startled to be put on so much medicine the man stammers, "My goodness, doc, exactly what's my problem?"

Doctor says, "You're not drinking enough water."

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Coffee est trés important

Coffee is very important for French's people, men or women most of them
are drink coffee, including me but before in French's, I am just rarely
drink coffee but in French's coffee is part of life, is a culture.
Sometimes in front of cafe machine or in coffee shop we can solved some
problem, or maybe could create new idea.

As I told you coffee is important, I have experience this afternoon, This
is not the first time that's way I wrote this story. I have skip lunch
because I have something to do, in fact I have already big breakfast this
morning. I usually go to the same place in east wing off the building to
take a coffee, this afternoon the coffee was not in services, then I have
to go to another side off the office, and Voila beacoup de person, they
are in the queue in front of coffee machine including my self.

Voila finally I had my coffee and because the place completely full with
people I brought the coffee to my desk. 15 minutes letter my colleagues
was called me to have discussion about some project. I said, OK I will
come to your office, he said no, is not necessary why we not go to coffee
corner, ( hahahahha seee i told you )

then I go to the same place as before, is naturally.... and voila the
coffee machine now is in function, is less than 15 minutes now is OK, I
told to my colleagues about the coffee machine was not working in 15
minutes ago, he told me coffee machine is always never have interruption
more than 10-20 minutes because it will a lot of people complain and make
a lot of noise because no more coffee.

Is incredible, is not fair, if you have problem with computer or software
it will take 3 hours minimum for the response and action but for coffee
less than 30 minutes...... is incredible

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Is WiMax?

Hmm for time being I am working on this project, to be franckly this project are very interesting to share about my project here the information I have been grab from the net which is very simple but detail explanation about WiMAX,

Happy reading, I am please to discuss to since this is interesting technology.

Loosely, WiMax is a standardized wireless version of Ethernet intended primarily as an alternative to wire technologies (such as cable modems, DSL, and T1/E1 links) to provide broadband access to customer premises. This application is often called wireless last/first-mile broadband because the transmission distances involved are typically of this order and the engineering problem is to bridge the final gap between the customer premises and the telco’s or service provider’s main network. The technology is specified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE), as the IEEE 802.16 standard.
More strictly, WiMax is the Worldwide Microwave Interoperability Forum, a non-profit industry body dedicated to promoting the adoption of this technology and ensuring that different vendors’ products will interoperate. WiMax will do this through developing conformance and interoperability test plans, selecting certification laboratories, and hosting interoperability events for 802.16 equipment vendors. But WiMax is such a convenient term that people tend to use it for the 802.16 standard and technology themselves, although strictly it applies only to systems that meet specific conformance criteria laid down by the WiMax Forum.
The 802.16 standard is large, complicated, and evolving, and offers many options and extensions, so interoperability is a major issue that must be addressed. In particular, one extension known as 802.16a became the focus of a lot of industry attention because it should be the easiest and most useful to implement. So it is likely that when people talk loosely of WiMax they are referring to the technology for fixed wireless specified by 802.16a and its later version 802.16d.
802.16 is one of a family of technologies being standardized by the IEEE (with other bodies, such as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), whose Hiperman standard is harmonized with 802.16) to create wireless versions of Ethernet that can operate over distances from a few meters to tens of kilometers -- from personal area networks (PANs), through local area networks (LANs) and metropolitan area networks (MANs), to wide area networks (WANs). 802.16 is the MANs member of the family.

source :

Internet Hidup lagi

dua hari kemarin internet mati, bukan line ADSL atau belum bayar ( disini systemnya di debet langsung dari bank account) tapi karena ada problem dengan modemnya, ternyata modemnya kudu di patch karena system DSLAM nya bagus jadi detect kalau modem ngga di pacth otomatis ngga bisa konek, efeknya kagak ada internet pasti. Telephone juga mati, dan TV kabel juga tewas.

setelah sebel telpon customer service 15 menit, per menit bayar 0,34 euro kagak juga solved, akhirnya terpaksa browse di webnya ISP sehari nyari patchnya akhirnya ini malem hidup lagi deh internet. kenapa bisa seharian yaa tau sendiri deh bahasanya kudu dibaca satu-satu dan pake transtalation online biar faham apa maksudnya.

terus belum sempet update blog, hasil jalan-jalan kemarin, lagi banyak kerjaan dan ini harus kasih report ke konsultan pajak, karena udah di tunggu sampai akhir minggu ini...... pajak oh pajak.....

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bonne Anne 2006

Bonne annee, tous mes voeux pour 2006

May Allah gave us better life, better experience, better and getting better. Hope we can learn from the past what we had achieved and we need to achieve for this year.

May Allah bless you all