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What is MPLS

Sekarang mau ngomongin MPLS aaah,

feelingnya sich tahun ini tahunnya MPLS, saya lagi liat-liat beberapa buku tentang MPLS

cuman belum sempet baca reviewnya mana yang bagus, kalau ada yang kasih ide welcome.

terus baca2 di IEC juga tentang MPLS

sama Free Encylopedia, thank to high bandwith from

Perhaps you work for a service provider that implements MPLS layer 3 (RFC2547bis) VPNs, MPLS layer 2 (AToM/etc.) based VPNs, and/or MPLS traffic engineering. Maybe you work for an enterprise that is thinking about taking advantage of MPLS VPNs to allow any-to-any WAN connectivity. Or perhaps you are preparing for certifications such as the service provider CCIE and want to make sure you that you have the best possible chance of acing the tests. Whatever your reasons for being interested in MPLS, you are going to need to lay your hands on some good information. That's where this little guide comes in.

There are a number of websites where you can find useful information about MPLS:

General links:

MPLS Resource Center Links (Interesting articles/whitepapers/faq):

MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance (one or two good white papers):

And for those who like reading standards documentation:


MPLS working group (LDP/MPLS-TE/etc.):

L3VPN working group (including MPLS layer-3 VPNs):

L2VPN working group (VPLS/IPLS/etc.):

Pseudowire Emulation Edge To Edge (MPLS pseudowire, etc):

If you are looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-read, one-stop guide to VPNs, including MPLS Layer-3 (RFC2547bis) VPNs and MPLS Layer-2 VPNs (VPWS and VPLS) then you might like to take a look at my forthcoming book, 'Comparing, Designing, and Deploying VPNs'.

This book includes in-depth coverage of MPLS Layer-3 (RFC 2547bis) VPNs and MPLS-based Layer-2 (AToM) VPNs. It includes detailed discussion of basic and advanced MPLS VPN design and deployment considerations. The book also allows readers to easily compare and contrast MPLS VPNs with other types of VPN, as well as describing how MPLS VPNs can be integrated with these other types of VPN.

And if you are looking for a practical and comprehensive guide to understanding and troubleshooting MPLS layer-3 (RFC2547bis) and MPLS layer-2 (AToM) VPNs, you might like to take a look at my other book, 'Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks (VPN)'.

'Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks' includes detailed, step-by-step information on understanding, configuring, and troubleshooting (locating/verifying/resolving) all elements of MPLS layer-3 VPNs, along with detailed, step-by-step information on understanding , configuring, and troubleshooting all elements of MPLS layer-2 (AToM/draft martini) based VPNs.

You can find a complete sample chapter of 'Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks' at the Cisco Press website ( [scroll to the bottom of that page]).

Be sure to let me know how you like my books (mark / at /

You might also like to take a look at the following book:

'Metro Ethernet'

'Metro Ethernet' is a nice high-level (theoretical) overview of metro Ethernet services.

For MPLS traffic engineering, you might like to try:

'Traffic Engineering with MPLS'

This is the one, the only book on MPLS traffic engineering. Very good exploration of MPLS traffic engineering, with plenty of Cisco config examples thrown in for good measure.

'MPLS: Technology and Applications (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)'

This book is now a little dated, but does still provide a good vendor neutral discussion of MPLS.

And if that’s not enough information on MPLS for you, then it’s time to get googling ;-)

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