Thursday, January 26, 2006

Learning about planning in your life

Since last week weather in France getting more frozen, and last week I got flu event I have been vaccinne flu some month ago but I still got it, perhaps because I am to much work and very stress because I have to be ready for some projects for 3GSMW in Barcelona. yeah is not fault of weather, Never mind this is life, this week also probably weather will not good, but I hope it will be better compare to rusian or scandinavian thanks God, Still managable.

This is first time for me I will be there for biggest event in Mobile communication world, for What I am doing I couldn't tell right know. Beginning this week everything starting better one by one milestone I can reach with no problem, I am realy strict in my planning, I hope I will not miss my target date and hope everything will be OK until End of the event. I just remember concerning about planning, I was read some article in Wikipedia concerning about this, I am also read book from Dwight D.Eisenhower, he said " Plans are nothing; planning is everything." it's true that to make everything getting done correctly you should make planning roadmap correctly, I was spent a lot of time for this planning and convince people about this unrealistic planning but Alhamdullillah Step by step I saw the result.

I am not working alone, in teamwork is very important to achieve something, sometimes you have debate/ argueing, fighting with your team member to insist that your planning/your concern is right, but sometimes you have to be very welcome with input of your collagues that what you are doing is not right, Critic people in very good manner way will help your self and people to understand that in team we have to reach the same aim. May because a lot of fighting I have very tired and get sick last week, any way this week much better even very cold.

now I am learning that Planning is everything in your life but you should starting your planning and reach to the finish, if Dwight D.Eisenhower, he said " Plans are nothing; planning is everything. I would like to add something "It will never finish when never start".

life is very beautiful even not always good part you have in your live but c'est la vie, that's a life, Thanks to God is still gave me a chance to do better in my life. Sometimes I am really sad that have tobe far away from my lovely wife, my beautifull daugther and my nice son, even far away but you always inside my heart could not be change forever in my life, amien.

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