Thursday, January 05, 2006

Coffee est trés important

Coffee is very important for French's people, men or women most of them
are drink coffee, including me but before in French's, I am just rarely
drink coffee but in French's coffee is part of life, is a culture.
Sometimes in front of cafe machine or in coffee shop we can solved some
problem, or maybe could create new idea.

As I told you coffee is important, I have experience this afternoon, This
is not the first time that's way I wrote this story. I have skip lunch
because I have something to do, in fact I have already big breakfast this
morning. I usually go to the same place in east wing off the building to
take a coffee, this afternoon the coffee was not in services, then I have
to go to another side off the office, and Voila beacoup de person, they
are in the queue in front of coffee machine including my self.

Voila finally I had my coffee and because the place completely full with
people I brought the coffee to my desk. 15 minutes letter my colleagues
was called me to have discussion about some project. I said, OK I will
come to your office, he said no, is not necessary why we not go to coffee
corner, ( hahahahha seee i told you )

then I go to the same place as before, is naturally.... and voila the
coffee machine now is in function, is less than 15 minutes now is OK, I
told to my colleagues about the coffee machine was not working in 15
minutes ago, he told me coffee machine is always never have interruption
more than 10-20 minutes because it will a lot of people complain and make
a lot of noise because no more coffee.

Is incredible, is not fair, if you have problem with computer or software
it will take 3 hours minimum for the response and action but for coffee
less than 30 minutes...... is incredible

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  1. but... in indonesia actually sundanese... tea is more important than cofee :D