Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Qurban.....sacrifice... is part of life

This morning to celebrate Ied Mubarak, I went to Indonesia Embassy in Paris, it's not to far from my apartment by foot around 30 minutes and it's very cold this morning.

I arrived at 8.50 am, and prayer will begin in next 10 minutes, thank God is in time. after Two rakaat praying we listening the Khutbah from Mr. Ambassador nice and good explaination and very deep, this morning not so much people are coming not like Idul fitri last time, may be some of them are working and no more RTT like me, but I came !!!1, today moreless round 70-80 Man and around 70 women and child.

after that we have served lontong sayur, sambel goreng hati and Gule kambing with Krupuk Udang and some small cake and offcourse coffee. we have breakfast together and have a little chat with some people, I meet some person from Total, I had meet before and I was invited with Mas Noor to their home in La defanse. During the breakfast I heard that some one cakap Melayu, well is people from Malaysian Embassy, then I spoke Malay.... he was surprise that he guess I am malaysian too, I said no, I was in Kuala Lumpur quite long, last year then I can speak Malay very fluenlty, not to difficult in fact. Finally they not only one there is several person from Malaysia....... and we say hello each others.

well macam tu laa, bila you kena cakap, lagi senang !!!!!! hahahah I have not talk this language for sometimes.... it remaind me Kuala Lumpur with a lot of work, stress, headache but It's really fun, I am enjoyed, is kind of different life its good, very dynamic.

it's really nice when you out of your country you will know not so much people from your country but some of them are very important person , I had meet this kind of person during staying in Paris, this morning I have also discuss in very warmed discussion with Ambassador Indonesia for UNESCO, also Mr Ambasador of Indonesia for France, and some important person from TOTAL, TELKOM, KBRI, student Doctorate candidate... this kind of people you will never known it before, when you are staying in your country...... it's others benefit not only talking about money when you working abroad, this kind of relations, networking and recognazition, respected, socialization etc,
I am not saying that they are "some body" or everything for your life, is not bigger than God for sure, no... but is interesting to know this kind of person who came from different background from where are you come from.

personally I always saying Thank to Allah SWT was gave this opportunities and also my previous Chief, Monsieur ATTALAH, who gave me great promotion. and at last but not the least some people from my company in Indonesia who support this...... J'espère que tout court bien

Thank also to my beautiful wife, and great daugther and son, who is leaving 11000KM away from me and I have to sacrifice my availabity for you.... but some day for sure I will not be far away from you, Insya Allah. May Allah blessing us, amien

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