Monday, June 11, 2007

hard landed

During landed sometimes we facing not good landing, perhaps there is bad weather, win, rain or technical problem.

If you are able to landed event not smooth or sometimes you should do hard landed it will be great if you are saved.

the worst is, if you had hard landing and after that you only have permission to stay in taxi way and not allowed to enter the airport without notice what is the problem, this is very bad situation.

At the moment this the current situation, they asked you to flight with only one way ticket, after that they not allow you to enter your home country, the custom just said,"well, everything is OK, I just changed my mind and allowed you to stay here, event you have your own passport, is your country, is your home".

what do you think if you are in this kind of situation ? somebody please tell me ?

flying again ? and landing in another country where the people are gave a respect each others. Not acting as a king of the world ?


Just get out from the airport and just walk a way..... yea walk a way.

Mr. Officer, just want to remain you that before you came to this country you are nobody, and don't forget if you become somebody, please remember if you do something bad, you will get what to have invest soon or later.
If you make people disapointed you will disapointed your self soon or later.
If you block people to move forward you will be block by somebody.
If you treat people like sh*t you will threaten like big sh*t too.

since I am tired to fly, I will just walk a way.........there is a lot of opportunities every where.

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