Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am flying AGAIN..

I've more than hundred thousand of miles from Air France - KLM called flying blue, never spent because never had time but always traveling, I promised to visit one of friends in Zürich since long time ago, I will departure today and will spent some days there, possibly to have great dark chocolate hmmm yummy.

I'm only paid 81 Euro for Tax and additional cost such as insurance, I made reservation online ticket yesterday, with miles you can made reservation from 10 month in advance or 24 hours before departure, the returns ticket from Paris-Zürich- Paris is absolutely free, Air France has deducted miles from my account and still have enough miles to flight to US and I can still use it until in next three years.

This one of the benefits if we are subscribe the frequent flyer membership, almost airways around the world has this program. Others benefit for example you can have lounge while your waiting the flight in the airport, no queueing during check-in etc, also miles is transferable some one else so you nominate, so in this case you can bring your family traveling with you almost for free.

The first frequent flyer was created in California by Western Airlines in June 1980, I also have Singapore Airlines and never use it but keep maintaned, probably I will use it some day.

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