Sunday, May 13, 2007

pot de depart, I am done, well done.

I did "Pot de part" yesterday, this is kind of small party to do socialism with your friend in France, normally for some occasion like departure, it will call pot de depart, or Pot de arrivee if some come to the team. Some friends are surprise and not believe that I will leaving the team soon.

the party was great, with more than 25 people come, in fact I just invited only the small team around me, because if I am invite people who know me, I can't image-in. Well the party was nice, warm, and full of laugh.

At the end of the session, all best friend give a good wish for me for next career and great future. And they also gave me a traditional French Knife. I am so sad to leave them is like my family but I am Happy to leave them because I will be with my family.

Honey, the work is done, I will go home soon. Houston Ready for landing Over.

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