Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Between the books, The lens and Nasi Goreng

I went to the gourmande book store in Paris last Saturday, and finally got crazy because saw many receipt books, from simple cooking until difficult cooking. Also founded chocolate books, After reading and decide finally I bought some books of cooking chocolate and receipt from le Cordon Bleu, One of the famous school of cooking in the world. But I miss one of the book, named "The Cooks book", if I read from the review this book seems to be great book, but it was no more left on that book store, I am asked to madame who is the owner of the bookstore, she told me the price is around 40 euro, well that's kind of not to expensive for one book, since very complete explanation about how to cook or to made good cooking, any way it will be available in two week she said.

Finally I went also to WH Smith the English bookstore in Paris, one of the large bookstore with all English collection, but you might know English book is very expensive here in France, I don't know why...? probably is kind of protection and keep people speak French's. I found the book I am looking for but, damn the price is 57 Euro, is more expensive.

Little dispointed with the price, finally I decide not to buy this book, while I am in the books store, I do browsing over my mobile phone and found the book is only cost 22 Pound in DK dot Com , plus shipment still less than 40 euro, well just wait a while hope the price will goes down, because I don't want to spent more money at this month since I have spent beginning of this month to placed order 10 books to amazon. I am also still looking book for design kitchen, and interior design, hugghh at the end I always loose my money to buy books, I am fighting for new lens, arff, why lens is not cheap like Nasi goreng.

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