Wednesday, October 05, 2005

first ramadhan in paris

Today, is first ramadhan in the word, most odf the moslem are doing fasting.

normally before fasting, it is sunnah to do breakfast in the morning before sunrise and will be break on sunset, today I was sahur with nasi goreng and fish nugget, as ussual I am cooking myself. it's nice Nasi goreng I bought seassoning in KBRI Paris, Indofood is well known brand in Indonesia, now even you can buy throught Yahoo
I know for the price in europe is not so cheap compare the price in Jakarta area is around 30 cent euros, he you can buy for around 1.5 euros, anyway is OK, nasi goreng is simple and easy to cook, and dont forget is delicious.

anyway this it will be my first experience doing ramadhan in europe, it will not the same as in moslem country. I will try to gave some story about ramadhan in france letter on,

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