Friday, October 07, 2005

La Bregtane est trés ou tranquile

Perros Guirec beach from Marco Apart

Today is Friday, it was plan long time ago to visit one of my friend was working together in Kuala, Now he is based in Perros Guirec, Bregtane, west of France.

I am very happy today because I had finished one of project for phase 1, and it was well perform, next week it second phase will be starting as ussual finished One come two, thank God was gave me a lot of opportunities, TGIF , so not so much work of load and people are not really stress except Franck, I had called him at 8h00 AM, he was in office, he told me that he had important presentation well he keep our rhythm like in Kuala, we are always worked with customer mindset fully targeted it’s really stress but it is fun.

I left office bit early this afternoon and not say bye to my best friend Olfa, she is have a lot of project this week, normally I always give a hand to her and always helping each other as team work, but today not really otherwise I will be stuck in office, hahahah sory Olfa,

The train to Lannion will departure from Gare MontParnasse, to go there from office it will take 1 hour more less, I have to take bus and change in Pont de sevres, take line 9 and stop in Trocadéro change to line 6 and stop in Gare montparnasse.

Marco and Franck

I arrived late than Franck, I am wait a little bit and we meet at Quick, is fast food like Mc D but this is french one, one of the famous burger restaurant in Paris, he order something but I couldn’t at that time still not yet break fast, he very kind he asked me that to eat something in front of me, I said well go ahead, I don’t mine. We are discussing a little bit while he finished the burger, and after that I stop by in sandwich store, is kind of bulangerie to buy sandwich to breaking fast. Well everything in France are expensive but sandwich in station is more expensive, for tuna sandwich is cost me about 7€ with petit coca ( small coca cola), anyway i have to buy otherwise it will be more expensive when you buy something in train.. finally we are not in the same train, I am in voiture 16th Frank is on voiture 17, even his the one was ordered ticket for me last time.

3 minutes after that train is boarding, lucky I am bring my laptop so I can read some document and reading some e-book and wrote the blogs.

England Style

1 hour after that train stop in station Le-Mans, I am remember with Mba Endang, we are in the same flight from Singapore to Paris. I would like to call but my mobile phone are in my backpack and I am seat down close to the window, dont want bothering people close to mes, anyway I will call her sometimes.

Finally breakfasting are come, it was 19h27 PM, so I am enjoyed my buka puasa with Thon Sandwich and coca, as usual the baguette are thought but nice, in bahasa is called “Garing di luar and lembut di dalam” really French bread are very nice specially when hand made bread. I was interrupted by conducteur who has check ticket, I remember last time when I went to Marseille no one are doing some checking, so I stop to eat my sandwich and gave him the e-ticket, the conducteur asked me d’identiti, upps I have not bring my passport because It was in chinnesse embasy to get visa to shanghai, it was luck I was made a copy before but I have to out from my chair and took from my back pack, I gave the copy of my passport and visa, he asked me I need your passport he said in French, I said sorry I am not bring it with me it’s in chinesse embasy for visa I said, I told him you can see my name and this is the copy of my passport and original work permit, is that not enough for you is said in French, hahahha I am not sure he understand what I am talking about since my French are not good enough, finally he agree ok no problem.

Well he just stop my sandwich…. in few minutes my friend Jean-Marc called me to make sure I am on the way, I said yes, I am on the train I told him I will be arrive in station Plouaret Treggor at 10h30 PM, ok he will pick me up, well at least it will be in next 2 hours from now.

will keep you posted

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