Thursday, October 20, 2005

High Risk High Gain

In the life, we will learn a lot of things. I have learned today that what ever you worked very hard and smart to make it happend some people around you will not take any decession to take the risk, with something you have been done, it means that work hard and work smart also is not enough, sometimes you should take decession to take a risk to do it by your self and off-course to convince people to take or to share a risk with you.

Normally the losser will never take any single risk even very small risk. But my understanding is "High Risk is High Gain" and not much people are dare to be......, Any way I have done the best effort and learn that so many people are affraid with the his/her shadows. Well done, I am happy, even the looser are not shown what I have been done, but I'm make it for my self and take a risk for my life. sometimes when you achieve something you will not be happy if some one else are not recognized it that you have done such a big things, just be humble


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  2. I would like to thank to my chief, was appreciated with what I have been done, he invite me include some people was doing a lot of effort for dinner in paris tonigth.

    huaaa, I am very hungry because I have not eat anything since morning....