Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Language is the key ...???

I would like to tell about the story for last trip in shanghai, bit lazzy two write it down about shanghai, for me not really much intersting because all the week is very busy with the work just hotel office, office hotel.

Finaly after strugle in China the mission done with great succesfull and have full support from collagues in France, even very tired I am happy. In the last day we have a good dinner with Chinesse team in one restaurant in down town of Pudong, Shanghai.

In the last day, I went to Fake market in Shanghai with Rama and his wife it was amazing you can find anything here and all is the fake one, from BVLGARI, Gucci, Luis Vitton, all the branded one are here and you could bargain the price, Luckyly Rama's wife can speak chinesse, she is doing study mandarin in one of university in Shanghai, and during the free time she is also doing tourist guide, it's amazing if she is not went out, I am sure I will be lost because taxi driver can't speak english, they only can say "yes", "no" without sure understood what we are saying. is more worse than in French for me, I have always asked to concierge to translate to chinesse character if I would like go somewhere. I learn something essential in China, "if you understand a local languages, you will never lose even you are in the himalaya mountain". Ya language is very important, this is a key to know everything. this is a key to open the door to broaden your life.

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