Thursday, November 10, 2005


Today starting with meeting about product from other partner, it was make a bit bored since last week full meeting day, so even today presentation was interesting but I have to leave because another meeting are waiting.

in fact during the meeting I am doing something as ussualy, replying some email, wow almost 11.00 am as I told you have to attend another meeting, out from the meeting room went out to big hall in the building, bit suprise that I saw many face same as me, anyway i tried to close with te group and say hello, gotcha they speak the same language, and I saw one of collagues from the same company as me, just realized that all the biggest telecommunication bigboss are come o visit Paris,

It's an opportunities to discuss with bapak Dirjen Kopmindo and Pak Garuda Sudargo, CEO of PT. Telkom.... and some of director of PT. Telkom ans staff, I am pretty sure if in our country it will not easily to meet this person, without protocoller and very warm as Indonesiene attitude.
we are discussing about 10 minutes, and I said I have to go for another meeting and also was invited with big boss for meeting too, for your infor that there is no benefit of me about this but I just feel happy that this opportunities come me. to meet this kind people that I couldn't be easily when I am in my country. Thanks God is giving this chance to live out of my country, to learn something about technology, knowlegde, culture, and relation.

oh ya they are come to France for inaguration of new sattelitte for our country will delivered very soon from France to space.........

Space is the limit........ bon chance !!!

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