Saturday, December 17, 2005


Yesterday I was quite busy with my collagues, we are testing some product for big event next year, my collagues have to go a while to meet his boss, and I am help him to continue to check the product. During the process of the encoding software I am touch a small blackhead in my neck because it was annoying me, the blackhead is very smal and I just press with my finger and clean with tissue, but I am feel strange at the time because i feel something in my neck. I touch with my hand, oh God is my blood..... Bleeding, I was alone in the platform because friday everybody was go back ome very early.

I runing fast to toilet because my hand was fully with the blood, I took a tissue paper from toilete try to press the blood but not stop, i was litte bit panic, I have seen in the mirror that blood is flow like a water.......

I took again the toillete paper with a big roll and press to my neck, I try to not panic and with the paper in my neck I am run to my office to take my jacket to go to clinic, likely my Chief still there, I asked him to call clinic he said still open and and just like few second I catch my jacket and run away to clinic in very cool weather and running and my chief running also with me. my blood still flow, I can feel it...........

in the clinic the last nurse was ready and asked me to go to another room and see asked me to laying in the bed while she preparing tools.

she press the small hole in my neck, and few minutes after that the blood was stop, see clean up with alcohol and put bandage in my neck. she told me remove blackhead should becareful specially when in the artery. Thank God, now is OK, I have seen my shirt half is full blood.

thank also to my chief help me to go to clinic since I am not speak French well to explain the problem to the nurse.

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