Thursday, July 21, 2005

Video conferencing

I was very busy during last two weeks, ah God... I have a lot of thing to do, until can't do for relaxs.

event to update my blog, I was visiting many place last week and went to my friends house Francky, I didn't have time to update... back to apartment at 10h00 tired already.

yesteday I was solved some problem in Video gateway solution, and we can make video call and you can see all the participans, on your screen mobile.

it's great, in fact I have good support from UK,

Olfa one of team member was very happy because she wanted this demo for some country, and last night my self, Olfa and Nicolas we went to restaurant in Champs élysées, very nice restaurant because all the made from fruits or mixed with fruits.

Olfa is Belgian Arabic, she speak french, anglais and arabic and Nico is french he speak english and often he forgot about french language..........

Ok, I have to go.. photo will upload letter

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