Monday, July 31, 2006

3G in Indonesia, are you ready ?

I have read some articles from International Herlad Tribune, last week end, the topic is talk about 3G bussiness not really successful in Europe after spent a lot of money on investment on new technology, some operator seem not really happy with the result. I am not pretty sure that this can be comparation when we would like deploy it this nez technology in Indonesia, So far the technology is driven by end user, we can calculate how much money user will spent everymonth for mobile communication, even in Europe not offten people are like doing 3G video call among each other, there is some reason behind, perhaps because of the quality of video ? because to expensive, or because I am not 3G subcriber.

Is really a question, people still thinking that phone is only communication tools, and communicate with people can use anything, SMS, Chat, etc not necassary with 3G phone. So is a question do I need 3G, Is it sure that Indonesia need 3G ? I am pretty sure not. Even some people are use to download with 3G phone but less than 0.01% since internet in Indonesia are very expensive.

Hope Indonesia will not follow European operator was failed to generate revenue after implement 3G network.

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