Saturday, July 08, 2006

.......another year have to finish.

After several month this blogs are not yet update it, I am really sorry for friends are alwasy visiting this blogs time to time.

I was so busy since last posted in may, had a lot work, a lot of travelled. First to Stuttgart, and back to Paris, and stay for a night after that to Hongkong and Jakarta spent one week of each, and back to France with family for some early summer vacation, and sent it back them to after spent for a month here, rest for few days and fly back to france and stop over in Kuala lumpur for half day to see some friends and to get some infos and opportunities.

what a busy life, and also had many project on going in the same times, that's the reason I couldn't update this blogs, well I don't know from where I have to start, since a lot of story are pass in last two month at least. But eveyrthing was Manifique, I am very happy see my wife, my son grow-up and walk, kicking a football, I am happy to see my little girl have a lot of question about anything, and sometimes it's make me confuse to find the right answer, I will gonna miss this in moment again, hope I can manage it, and we can be together again.

Now back to the life, it is very hard but I will survive, and win the games, I knew it because I believe.

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