Monday, April 24, 2006

Insist on realism

I still not finish reading one book "Execution the discipline of getting things done, by Larry BOSSIDY an Ram CHARAM ", just finished chapter One and continue to chapter two, and I had impressived with the author of this book, there is one page with one subject "Insist on realism". Is talked about realism, I took the paragraphe, cause is interesting for me to remain my vision ;

Why, people don't want to open Pandora's box. Some people think that make life uncomfortable, they want to hide mistakes, or buy time to figure out a solutions rather than admit they don't have an answer at the moment. They want to avoid confrontations. Nobody wants to be the messangger who gets shot ot the troublemaker who challange the authority of superior.
Well, offcourse not easy to life in uncomfortable zone, you have time to time to adopt with situations/environment is changing all the time, you have to manage how not to be reluctant with a lof of things, not so many people are taking the risk to be messangger, because they know the consequncies as I mention, in previous writing, you, what is your thinking in your mind.

Everything have a risk, you have to calculate all the risk, minimalize the risk and take some execution once you know and able to take the decision, Risk is interesting is not a gambling is a logic, is math, is a life.

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