Saturday, April 01, 2006

bon anniversaire

In six years ago was our wedding; I always remember that time

I would like thanks to God, is giving me Tutiek as girl frind and wife also mother for my beatifull and intellegent girl Khansa and cute boy, cool and also brilian; bright and warm like sunrise , Rafi. You are everything in my life

I am really sad that today we can't celebrate together one of the billion moment in our life; even though you are in other continent; far away from me, you always in my heart; I never forgot the way you look at me; the way you kiss me; the way you touch me, is always warm with love.

as a boy friend and husband, I sent you million of roses; thoussand box of chocolate; tons a diamond as a gift and sure this is not enough to thank you that you have take care our child.

I always pray in name of Allah SWT, that you will be my lover and my wife forever.

May Allah bless us, Amien

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