Sunday, April 23, 2006

You, is something about you're thinking in your mind.

It's about 15th years ago, I was read a book "the magic of thinking big", at the time I just said, well this book is good to motivated your self. Read from story of successful person, or failed story from some persons, is like kind of autobiography, for some extra ordinary people.

As a ordinary people in live sometimes we faced some problem, we get some good news and bad news, always change all the time not permanent and absolute, Sometimes you're very well motivated, sometimes narrow minded and not open mind, this is normal I guess. But we have to remember that this kind of situation is from the outside environment, now how to manage this to adopted by your mind. I am sure as human you always expected the good think, but this is not realistic, I am feeling that if life without problem life, is more difficult, is seems to be no harmony don't you??

It's very interesting if you could solved one problem, and another's problem will following your life to be solve too, I'm quite sure that this is not easy for some people, even my self sometimes I was thinking that problem always never ending.

I'm subscribed for several mailing-list where currently are discussing about some subject, as usual many-of reply, comment, argue,debate for the subject, content,substantial issue. This is very good, with this I can see some people not agree with the others comment, and others are support the other person instead of arguing/ fighting with other members, but make life will more interesting, when you could get some opinion, suggestion, critics, even at the end you should compile decide/execute by your self. I got some summary that people are optimistic, looks like people are always think optimistic, the one who narrow, seems to be always think opposite, But I can't blame them, why they always narrow, pessimist, negative, or sometimes to optimistic, unrealistic, they have to do that. They can do want ever they want as long as still corridor of discussion, they can think what they want.

So, the final conclusion, is

- What you're saying, is what you're thinking,
- What you're doing, is what you're thinking,
- What you're planning, is what you're thinking,
- What you're thinking is what you're reading,
- And What you're reading is back, about what you're thinking.

If you thinking positive, you're brain will always make positive direction , the opposite thinking you will drive you become negative. So what is inside our mind will be representing who we are .

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