Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Paris, All is about Romantic

I have spent today at home after failed played Badminton and weather are not OK during the long Vacation in Paris, Is really bored, but finally on Monday afternoon is very sunny, well I have to get out from my apartment before I get Mad.

This replica of Statue Liberty is not far away from my apartment just about 500 meter, but unfortunately I only passed by each time when I went to 15th Arrondisment, once you cross the Pont de Grenelle. But Today I try to visit this and I would like to walk along the Seine River, I am not plan to new York yet but I was happy to see the liberty in Paris, may be I will go someday, J'espere.

As you can see from the picture, you have Seine river in the left and right of the long park. Also Eiffel tower.
Is really beautiful, all the long park there is some chair when you can have a sit and looking to the water and time to time there will be a open big boat with a lot of tourist inside. A long the park there a jogging track, some people are doing sport like jogging, biking or do some roller blade.

I think, I've to try this place to do some jogging or roller blade some day. The park is about 2 KM long from Pont de Beau Grennelle up to Pont Bier Hakeem, is enough to do sport 2 or 3 times jogging .

As you see, is very romantic to walk along the river, you heard the sound of water and with small wind and some bird are singing, plus bright weather, " What a wonderful day"

In some place, I saw some people are playing Saxophone and other people are sit the chair with his/her boy friend talking, kissing seems to be there are fall in love. What a wonderful life

Finally I found an empty Chair that I can sit down, enjoying the Sun and reading a book. It's really cool and bright day, I couldn't Image in, If couldn't see the Sun for some week, I am sure it will not gone a be fun.

Well, I am thank to God for this, but unfortunately my lovers are not enjoyed the same think as I did, I am counting the day hope we can enjoyed the harmony as soon as possible, ... I hope
counting the day.............

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  1. we were counting the day last night. 'it is the 6th day said khansa' well, it seems she has to counted until more than 20 days again to see her papapumpy...