Friday, September 01, 2006

Bravo you passed PMI Exam

This morning during the worked, just splash in my mind... One of my best friend, I call him lelaki buaya darat, Currently his living in Singapore, his a French guy, it was long time a go he was worked in Jakarta and unfortunately I never been work together with him, but he seems to be very like Asian country, he spent more than 10 years in Asia, he was told me in previous live he was Asian, well I don't know I'm not believe on reincarnation. I meet him sometimes a go in Brunei and Malaysia offcourse, is very simpatic person but sometimes dia Gila hahhaa.

I didn't know that he take some vacation in France, because after splash in my mind I pickup the phone and called him in his office in Spore and no answer and I tried called oh his mobile, and he said, hei Dude I am in France, after second he called me back in my mobile. In fact I called him to congratulate him for PMP, because he passed the exam, he told me he was study like a more than orang Gila to pass this. From my understood, this exam is not so easy some people failed several times but he passed it in one shoot.

Bravo O.R

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