Friday, September 01, 2006

New colleagues, and I just Lucky

Since last three week, it is very hard week, I am so tired but I have to do otherwise someone else will do. I had very important demo project to customer from Switzerland in my office. It was struggle to get some equipment, resources, support, and luckly we made it, the project just outstanding and make customers really happy, thanks God.

During this project, one of my colleagues from our office in Switzerland come to help me, he was help a lot to success this project, because he is the one who know what the customer really want to see.

He made a good job for his last month in the company, he will go to study after this. Well is remind me also to study again, I was quite busy with work and forget a bit about my planning to study to have more graduate. Well I have to think about this again, I guess.

During this short Project, I have learn many things, eventhough this is not the first time for me, I learn more about people behavior from different country, the way of they talk, they think and they attitude, It was not so easy to manage in the beginning with multi culture of work, but with professionalism Finally I can manage it, Thanks God everything is goes well.

colleagues of my mine also invite me to had dinner with the customers, we went to nice place and very expensive restaurant I suppose, This restaurant is full classic and a lot of historical from Louis XXIV one of the King in France history , the restaurant called Cafe Trianon, it was one of the palace for Queen Maire-antoinette in 16 century I guess, and currently is become the hotel and Spa including restaurant as normal in every five star hotel in the world, this restaurant in fact is inside garden of chateau de Versailles one of the huge and nice garden in the world,

Personally If I have to dinner here I would not even pay for the bill. I am sure is very expensive but I just lucky to have dinner here, unfortunately I am not with my Camera, so I can't take some picture of this, but you can see from the link, than you can guess your self how very class this place.

Anyway It has been pleasured work with you dude, hope I can see you again and good luck for your study and keep in touch, I know because you observe my blogs, time to time;)

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