Sunday, September 17, 2006

First time side job, as photographer.

I have some Indonesian friends here are living in Paris, they are student. Yesterday the friend of mine asked me to help to take some pictures, since she know that I like hunting a pictures. Yes actually I like to take picture just for hobbies, to kill the time during week-end. She's is studying in Marketing Communication and one of her subject is adverstiment, after had a phone call the day before we are agreed to have an appointment Saturday afternoon in Metro Louvre rivoli.
She has list of the boutiques in 1st Arrondissment as the target of her research, the idea is to take a picture of the display in front of boutique, because of the display sometimes we are interesting to see the boutique and eventhough sometimes we bought the product even we never plan to buy it. This the reason why, display is very important and I just realized that there is special study also for this job.

We start from Rue Rivoli, but some data are not valid the boutique was changed or moved, and we can't get the good situation because during the time there is a demonstration and lots of people come to the street, I will tell you about this story letter on.

Then We start from Rue Saint Honore, as you might know that all the long of this street is full of the very class and expensive boutique, the place of people who like to spent money to follow the mode.

So visit boutique one by one of the did window shopping, have look inside the store and we are acting as tourist, since we had Asian face qnd we are speaking English they think we are really tourist, look the price, asked the brochure, she is very good to get information what she is looking for, during the day we have some difficulties to take a picture in the display because, there is security guard. So we decided to visit all the store and take a display picture during the night. for me this is very challenging because take a picture in the night without flash, is not so easy to checking the ISO and try to finf the object with limited light, but look the result is not that bad isn't.

After we walked all the way long in Rue Saint Honore, if not wrong is about more than 5 KM, we decided to take some break and we plan to have dinner and I called her boy friend to join, he can't join during the day because he should finish thesis, he plan to finish the study next month. Then we meet in Place de la concorde and we have decided to eat "fake"Japanese food. We don't really care about the taste because all of us is very hungry, just in the minute all the food are left from the table.

After we had nice dinner, we continue our work and I'm finished to take more than 100 pictures, and during the work, they realy enjoy Paris in the night, it is wonderful, even special when you are falling in love, walk together hold a hand each other, this a one of the romantic place in the world, and is very romantic moment, I'm sure they are very lucky couples, me, just happy to saw them happy, I took some pictures of them, but I will not publish here, I let my camera become the withness of they are love. Wish you good luck and good night.

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