Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just Landed and ready to do something new.

Just arrived from Abu Dhabi on Thursday night, it was very hot there around 35C but it was good for everything was great, the project was delivered on-time and very successful indeed, thanks to all local team who support me, it was nice working with you. On last day before leaving Abu Dhabi, I have small time frame to enjoy the time to take a picture. My self and one of the friend who also like to do a photography hunting together and his a Mr. Canon....

We were in Emirates Palace, this a palace where the syeik are living, but this is also a hotel and manage under Rizt Carlton, the king of emirates are living on 5th floor,this palace probably has 5000 rooms, and you can rent the room also because this like a hotel, where you have to paid 1000 Euro per night, and this is the entry class of the room. Wow, I can't image-in, but I am promise to my self, someday I will stay in this hotel for 2 weeks, arrff I am dreaming again ;)

Abu Dhabi is quite place compare to Dubai, where you will found a lot traffic jam in Dubai, here in Abu Dhabi is nice, calm event bit hot. So far the interesting things is only shopping since there is no tax, the price is quite less expensive compare with price in France, at least you reduce 20% since no tax, not so bad isn't?

but Abu Dhabi is not a good place to buy gadget, not so many place, event I found the camera shop, look on price of lens, Hog kong Prince still the best in the world. Any body will go to Hong Kong ?? please let me know ?

so what the best to buy here ? the answer is gold. that's my local colleague told me, but I am not gold fanatic, so just have a look and its really nice, you will found many type of jewelery here, and some people told the price less expensive compare to Dubai.

After 6 hours and half flying with Ethihad, national airways company of Uni Arab Emirates, I am landed in Charles de Gaulle, Paris. The flight was awesome, the service is very good, entertainment is great, and food is very nice, is same level of service such Singapore airlines.

I am off on Friday, I am enjoy a bit Paris during the evening and night, spent time with friends, and prepare all the stuff to pack and sent it back to home since I will leaving soon.

I am glad because the last part is well done, hope I will leaving the country with lot's of glory, I am Happy and for me everything is very close to the end.

I am ready to start another life................. in another place with whole family, wish me luck for the next step......

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