Friday, April 06, 2007

Something has been started, it has to be finish

Everything it has been started, is always end with finish. I have been two year here and almost closed to the end in few weeks, I have been requested with some person in high level position to stay here to do something else.
Well for me is nothing new, since I has started this kind of jobs in last two year, flying from one place to another place, It's really interesting in the beginning, you feel like very important person, living in nice Hotel for One or two weeks, eating in the good restaurant, Traveling to see different place, meet different people, culture, attitude etc, that's is wonderful job isn't ?, I am sure a lot of people want to do that, guess what, I am probably lucky number Seven, like James BOND, but I feel never have personal life, where I can stay in my apartment, listen music, reading a book, cooking or a hunting picture, there is not enough time to do.

Thanks God for all of this, I never image-in this job is very good. But for sure there is nothing is absolute, this is just temporary, I know from the beginning, event people asked me to do more I think I have to stop before I can't stop. Sometimes I feel really nice to be important on this kind a situation, but at the end I realized that, "It's nice to be important but more important is to be nice", and I come up with the result that it is better if you finish it before somebody make you finish.

Now I am on Dilema, there is a lot of on going in my mind to choose to stay for another years probably with a new conditions, new package, new life style, or moved to other country, or come back to home, which is today not clear yet, what I have suppose to do there, and the question how much they will pay, take into account, I am not working for money, I need to have something more interesting in working and professional life, and money just to have good life, pay the good schools for kids , and off course buy a diamond for my wife, he he he he , how much do you want honey ?.

Well hope everything gonna be clear soon, Like the weather getting more clear now. In the same times quite busy to preparing the move, sent the CV, an Interview and off course work as responsible have to finish.

wish me luck

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