Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TGV, is a French's way to push to the limit

Today, at 13h00 French time, Again a new record has been passed. Tgv from Paris to Starsburg is reach 574,8 Km/h, last record was 533Km/h, I think TGV at this time is the faster Train in the world. The previous record have been passed is 331Km/h in 1955, 380Km/h in 1981 almost 30 years, 515,3 km/h in 1990.

A normal way today TGV is running around 300Km/h and with this speed you can reach marseille 600km away from Paris just in 2.5 hours, plus some stop in few station.

You can image-in if the train running on the full speed today, you will reach less than 2 hours, If this became reality as today, I am sure the Airplane company event the low cost carrier will dead soon.

some of the link

Record in 1990


  1. Yeah, we saw the news and cheered for France! :D


  2. halaaah ternyata ndak semua orang di France ini yang sudah naik TGV, kemarin ngobrol sama orang yang tinggal disini puluhan tahun ternyata baru bisa naik metro