Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Il se prépare à Paris !


Today my baby is one month old, is my mistake not posted when he was born one month ago. His father to busy with a lot of think. Ghifari RafifRaditya {Rafi}, you are very handsome and offcourse you
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make your sister {Kakak Khansa} a bit jealous,coz now Rafi become first attention and I know you a bit jealous, but sister this is for a while, Papa and mama will give you the same attention

Thank to Super mom {Mama Syahlina} who take

care of the Children day by day.

Today my visa also will process and soon I will leaving you for a while, I will be happy if you all can follow me to stay in other environment, other situation, and everything need to be change and adopted.

but this can be interesting event we should forget for a while to stay in our new home sweet home this is dilema for us, but the life is from choice to another choice, I hope that, this is the best choice for us.

May Allah blessing us.


  1. Selamat djie.. :) Anak gue sekarang udah 5 bulan lebih, yang pertama udah 5 tahun.. :)

  2. Hello Adjie,

    See u gain new readers !!

    For sure I should improve back my bahasa to read all or your comments!

    Definitely 2005 is a year great change for you. Being dad for a second time! going to france. Super!

    Ok it's late here (Tokyo, midnit). I go back home (kind of).


  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Mas Adjie nyebelin....

    Yg laen2 anak2 CCF pd diundang ke pesta perpisahan kok aku engga??!!!Sumpah nyebelin abis..suka pilih kasih...ngebetein:(...aniwe visit louvre n versailles deh bagus kok..Hosi