Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not Lucky

Just, got the news, the Flat in 16th was rented, we will see another one.


  1. Olivier7:50 PM

    Finding a flat is not easy! Especially in paris. They ask for so many credential. They also are more reluctant to rent to foreigners.

    But luckily then you'll easily find all ingredients for your favorit nasi goreng, baik!

    When will your family join you? Any soon or you'll go back n forth from time to time?

    I really wonder: why muslim cannot eat vanila! Gosh! So no vanila ice cream?? But if chocolate is allowed, at least.

    Sampai lagi

  2. Yea not easy to find, that true...

    Nasi goreng, I asked to my wife to sent some "Bumbu" Nasi Goreng, one of my friend will come to Paris soon.

    Yes, chocolate is OK, In fact Ice cream used a glicerin, and mostof the gliceren made from Fat porc... this the problem.

    Take care the japonais yaa, will come someday