Friday, December 15, 2006

10 Years working with in one company

Today is 10 years I have been working with this company. I would like thank to God, my to Family and Also a lot of friends and colleagues are supporting my self and my future career, 10 years was quite long time I had very good time and also very bad time during this period. I have meet many people around the world, work together with them and sometimes fight with them on the positive way to deliver the job. I have been traveling to many places and it is another benefit working with multinational company. Up today I am still not at the top of my career, but I believe I am on the track and next station will be very close. Thanks to my previous chief was put me in the right track, I can't say anything except merci beacoup et super !!., Je crois que Dieu comptant toujours un bon travail même est seulement un petit morceau de poivre

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  1. 10 thn di Alcatel?..berarti...kita sempet ketemu dong??...saya masuk Alcatel Feb 96...keluar dari Alcatel Agustus 97.... kenal sama Pambudi krn kita sama2 satu lantai di Eka Life, Pam utk BSS team, aku di NSS team.... atau mungkin saya sbnrnya sudah kenal, tapi lupa aja..hehehee.... salam..