Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's to short.

Again, just back from working overseas, I have spent 17 days in Hong Kong for Forum. It was great to be there, I meet many people from many country some of them are high level in telecommunication industry, well it is good to know, C'est tout. Hope it will help for future, but we will never know.

Working with different culture and language are very interested and also taough, time to time I got tension talking with people who didn't understand what is the target and objective, is quite complex environment but finally we can solved all the issues, that's make my work becoming easy and have enjoyed a little bit in Hong Kong.

I didn't understand why there is so many people in Hong Kong after office hours, everybody going to the street, fill all the shopping mall, spent all the money but it's not the case for me. I would like to spent money but I always fight not to spent juts bought some cheap stuff like compact flash and gadget for my camera. I wish I could buy some lens but may be this time is not lucky time for me, because all the lens I am looking for are not available to bad but perhaps is good.

After working for three week end without any single day off, the last weekend, my lovely wife came to hong kong to spent the week-end there, I have to extend staying there just to relax a bit and enjoyed without working, so we decided to stay one more day, it was wonderful spending time in Ngo Ping 360 cable car, and The peak, and having dinner in the nice restaurant in the peak at least to celebrate her brithday, and she do some shopping, wow what the romantic lover enjoy the hong kong atmosfeer during the night.

Well, time is always moving fast, short holiday is offer, she have to fly back on the afternoon and I have to flying back to france in the night and finally I had spent all my last day in the airport, hope we can have more time soon, together forever.

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  1. thanks for great weekend and beautiful romantic dinner hon..
    hope we can do next time again...