Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last shopping before take off

Waiting is boring, my wife just flying back and my flight still 7 hours to go, well the good things that, Hong Kong airport is offered free WiFI everywhere, waste time to read email, browsing and chatting is not bad idea to kill the time. But stay in front of computer for more than 7 hours is to much. I had explore all the side of Airport, this airport is really big and what is interesting every where is a place to do shopping. I got the message that " Hey dude, please spent your money or swipe your credit card before leave Hong Kong", you can find any clothes, gadget, computer, mobile phones, camera, etc, is really Chinese culture, selling, selling and selling.

I can hold to not buy anything just a look around and see the price, in fact the price in Airport is more expensive compare in outside eventough they mention is tax free, in fact in Hong Kong is tax free hehehe. Yea to buy something like computer stuff and gadget is better to go to Wan Chai Computer center, look around and bargain is must. In this area also you could find small digital camera with better price, but if you find DLSR or lens is better to find in Mong Kok Area, but Anyway this time I am not spent to much money in Hong Kong, even I had planned to buy new lenses for my Digital camera but I am still waiting the price will drop soon.

back to the airport, finally I couldn't stand to swipe my Card in the book store, the price is very cheap compare price in France, and there is a promotion for the series book, buy 3 get 1 free, finally I bought 5 books and got 2 free book. Is not that bad.

After my laptop battery was empty then I am reading some book I bought just know, but still 2 hours to go, I wish I cold change my seat in business class.

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