Wednesday, December 20, 2006


What the beautiful day, the Sun finally come up with big smile, apres deux jours pas de soleil, aujourd'hui, Il fait beau. I am happy even today as expected to be cold with sunrise, when I left my apartment was 3 degree this morning.

Several block from where I lived, I saw there is one girl are complain and angry with sapeur pompier de Paris, because she was blocked on the street in front of fireman office, she look not patient waiting the fireman parking the truck, she went out from her car and she look very angry. ThenFrench's girl was screaming out of several fireman, some of the fireman also was not happy because she talk some bad languages to them, but the chief was take care of the young fireman not to be emotional, and after the truck was parked properly and the chief let her to drive a way, she still outside the car and she was talking and keep with high intonation and almost screaming, I said " C'est pas vrai, incroyable", until some cars on the queue are pressing the horn, and asked the girl to move, "allors bouger,bouger" said the man from the other car.

Well, is like in the movie, I just stop few minutes to look the drama on the street in great Sunny morning, yep it happen sometimes people in the big city is very temper, a lots of problem living in big city, got traffic jam, or perhaps rushing to go to toilet, etc,

"regard cette mademoiselle elle très jolie, événement qu'elle regardent très fâchée, et il est petit exemple, cette fille française ne sont pas facile ce contrôler", just walk away......

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