Monday, December 25, 2006

Good News, balanced and free, why not.

Subscribe to French internet service provider called, got 400 TV Channels, 24 MB internet connection and PSTN phone, there is two choice still keep france telecom or not attached to France Telecom and have your own number plus you can make call to all fixed phone in France, china, US, and some countries for free, and you just have to pay 30 Euro. Except you register to additional channel from the list you have.

Personally I am not often watching TV, I prefer to browsing to internet to find information, I was subscribe CNN and BBC one year ago, but last two week I decided to unsubscribe, and know I got new channel Al-aljazeera international with very good English ( because the reporter is an English speaking ), Objective, Balance and another alternative.

So what should I got not objective news and is not free not free ??, I think is better if I got the great news and off course free. I believe this TV Channel will be one of big news TV will be steap a head compare to CNN, I believe so.

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