Thursday, December 14, 2006

life is not simple dont make more complecated

Just, came to office today, yesterday was very tired after 12 hours spent on the flight. Arrived in the office many friend come to me asked about the forum etc. Everything was OK I said and thank to all was help during the time.

back to normal life, have many thing have to process after postpone several time, some email have to follow-up, meeting need to organized, some issues have to solve before end of the year.

I got one of colleague was working with me before and right know he become a teacher in university in France, he invited his student to visit our place and labs to see the working environment and technology update today. I think his doing a good job today, seems he is enjoying his life as a teacher, he also asked me to present to his student a new technology I have working on, well that's a good idea and spent about 30 minutes about WiMAX technology.

After finish all the job today, just leave office around 8.00 pm, out side was dark,cold and windy and I miss the bus, I have to walk to another bus stop during the windy night........yea life is not so simple and lets not make more complicated

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